Friday, May 31, 2019

Romantic Suspense Novel - New Release

Please welcome Viviana MacKade. Beach bum and country music addicted, Viviana lives in a small Floridian town with her husband and her son, her die-hard fans and personal cheer squad. She spends her days between typing on her beloved keyboard, playing in the pool with her boy, and eating whatever her husband puts on her plate (the guy is that good, and she really loves eating). Besides beaching, she enjoys long walks, horse-riding, hiking, and pretty much whatever she can do outside with her family.

Learn more about Viviana’s new release, Guns for Angels, below and download it until release day (June 3, 2019) for just $0.99 on Amazon at

From NY to sunny Miami, Ann and Mark run into a maze of lie, betrayal, and death, where love is the only, terrifying certainty. And when truth unravels, they will have to risk all to survive.

My sister was all the family I had. She was taken from me and now, someone wants me dead, too. Not sure why.
I’m sure I’m not going to give my life up, though. I’m not going to let them get away with my sister’s murder.
The new me will try, anyway.
You see, when she was alive I could live in brightness and peace. Now I have to accept the darkness within me. After all, isn’t life about balance? Ironically, the man who can teach me how to embrace the shadows is broken, hopeless, and angry. Mark is also the only one I trust to lead me through my heart’s night, and back into the light.
The one I trust to keep us alive.

A favor to a teammate: pick up two girls in trouble, take them to the Team’s safehouse. Should have been easy. It was not.
Then someone killed one of my team, one of my brothers. Now it’s personal.
They want me, too.
Even worse, they want Ann. The only person who cut through me, who woke me, who grabbed my hand and guided me back into life one smile at the time.
I’ll be damned if I let them have anything.
Not. One. Damned. Thing.

Ann had to remember who he was and what they were doing, because it was impossible not to be scared by that kind of fury. His clenched jaw was so tight his teeth could explode, his nostril flared, his knuckles white on the wheel. The trust she had in him allowed her to step over all his rage and ask, “That man–”
Mouse. He’s gone,” he said, cold.
Nausea wobbled inside her as the image rushed back. He was so young, his lips so blue on such a white face. Had Mary’s lips been as blue? Had her eyes looked like that – dim, with the memory of a terrible surprise? Had she been left behind, or dumped somewhere like a sack of garbage?
What will happen to him?”
I don’t know, and I can’t call the boys,” Mark snapped. “The house’s not safe, the Team’s not safe.”
I don’t understand. What do you mean, the Team is not safe?”
Sadness. Sadness soiled his words. “Nobody knew about the safe house but us. I haven’t been able to reach the others, but Mouse did. He arranged the meeting, and now he’s dead.”
Do you think they are involved?”
Involved, or dead. Can’t call them either way.” He shot her a sideways glance. “It’s you, me, and my gun, angel.”

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