Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Horn Storm

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my latest adventure novel, Big Horn Storm, and I need to start sending it out to agents and publishers. Big Horn Storm is a contemporary western military thriller set in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, with a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. I had such an amazing time writing this story and many scenes took me back to my childhood--from the majestic scenery of one of the most beautiful places on earth to riding my horse down slopes so steep that turning or stopping was out of the question. I’ve always loved the ranching lifestyle and after writing about it I feel compelled to write more. My next adventure, yet to be named, will take place on a ranch in northwestern Wyoming in an area I’m intimately familiar with. The story has barely begun, but I can already feel the excitement building. Like in Big Horn Storm, I aspire to create scenes that compel the reader to hold his or her breath until it’s over. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Big Horn Storm published soon, so I can share an incredible adventure steeped in fact and fiction.