Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writer's Resolution

I decided to take a break from my usual writer's conferences this year. I've been a bit overwhelmed as of late with all those trying to make money off writers - magazines, editing services, computer programs, contests, marketing, how-to books, conferences - and the list goes on and on. I've read one horror story after another from writers about being hood-winked and I've experienced my share of frustrations while relying too heavily on the honesty of my fellow man. I felt it was time to step back and assess which goods and services are truly helpful and which are products of unscrupulous operators praying on writers' dreams. Unfortunately, the conclusions I arrived at weren't all too flattering. I do believe there are still individuals and companies out there who are passionate about the craft and committed to long-term growth, but it's becoming more difficult all the time to sort through the predators and scammers. So, even though it isn't January first I've decided to make a writer's resolution. I vow to be patient and have more faith in my work. I'm determined to believe the quality of my stories will eventually attract the right agent or publisher who is more concerned about putting out great stories and developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship than the quick buck. And, I'm confident readers are still interested in believable action, fantastic adventures and realistic human dramas. Surely I'm not the last vampire holdout. I will continue to be persistent and hope for a bit of luck along the way.