Friday, November 12, 2010

Potential for Adventure

Every day has the potential for adventure. I’m not talking necessarily about a jungle trek, deep-sea diving or even climbing mountains, but merely those small discoveries that take us by surprise and keep our imaginations fueled. I try to see or do something new as often as I can and this has sustained me for quite a while and may be more than adequate for many people. But, no matter how rewarding small adventures can be, I’m in the mood for something big. I’m not sure exactly what or where or when, but as the temperatures fall I’m consumed with the need to mix things up a bit and find an adventure to inspire new stories. When I think of riding elephants in Thailand, standing in awe in front of the Pyramids of Giza, climbing to the top of a Mayan temple, snorkeling over colorful reefs, watching an active volcano light up the night or listening to the eerie shrieks of howler monkeys I feel restless. But, the most rewarding adventures are those that just happen, so for now I’ll enjoy the small surprises and make sure I’m ready to go when the next big opportunity for adventure presents itself.