Sunday, July 20, 2014

Writing Conferences and Events in the West

For anyone looking to hone their craft, and network with agents, editors, publishers and fellow writers, summer is the season. Here’s a list of upcoming writing events around the West.

Writing the Rockies Conference, July 24-27, 2014. Western State Colorado University in the Gunnison Valley. More information at 

Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference, July 24–27, 2014. Corte Madera, CA. Editors, publishers, agents, and detectives. More at 

Steamboat Springs (Colorado) Writers’ Group hosts a conference August 1-2, 2014.  Learn more at 

Willamette Writers Conference, August 1–3, 2014. Portland, OR. Editors, agents, & film Consultants. Workshops include marketing & platform, writing for children & films, and writing memoir. More information at 

Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) summer conference August 1–4, 2014. Los Angeles, CA. More information at 

The Oregon Christian Writers summer conference August 4 – 7, 2014. Portland, OR. Agents, editors, and others will lead workshops and meet with attendees. More info at 

A River of One’s Own adventure, a river journey for women. August 10 – 16, 2014. Moab, UT.  Join Page Lambert and others. Theme is A Heroine’s Journey into the World of Story. Learn more at 

Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference August 14 – 17, 2014. California’s Bay Area. Features magazine editors and publishers, food writers, photographers, and others. More at 

Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Mystery and Crime Writers presents WriteNow! 2014 August 15 & 16, 2014. Phoenix, AZ. Learn more at 

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference September 5 – 7, 2014. Westminster, CO. Learn more at 

The Equality State Book Festival September 11 – 13, 2014. Casper, WY. Presented by Casper College and ArtCore. Learn more at 

Southwest Christian Writers Association hosts its annual conference September 19 & 20, 2014. Durango, CO. Topics include Creating Compelling Characters and Fundamental Story Building Steps. Learn more at 

A Weekend for Words, the Southern California Writers Conference September 19–21, 2014. Los Angeles, CA. Authors & editors of mysteries, thrillers, screen plays & nonfiction, among others, will conduct workshops & meet with participants. More at 

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCWBI hosts its Letters and Lines Conference September 20 & 21, 2014. Golden, CO. Many writers, illustrators, agents, and editors will be on hand. Learn more at 

The Montana Chapter of SCBWI hosts its fall conference September 20 & 21, 2014. Bozeman, MT. Learn more at 

Authors of the Flathead presents its annual writers conference, September 27 & 28, 2014. Kalispell, MT. Workshop sessions on fiction, nonfiction, marketing & screenwriting will be conducted. Two literary agents scheduled. More at 

The Montana Writers Conference, hosted by Montana Romance Writers, October 3 – 5, 2014. Bozeman, MT. Learn more at

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Bargain In Entertainment

If you’re in the mood for a quick fun read, Daisy Jerico is the author for you. Her latest novella, Sparks Fly, was just released, and if it’s anything like her last one, The Love Thief, I’m sure it’ll be amusing and entertaining, and leave me smiling. And, at just $0.99, how can you go wrong? So, make sure to check out these two feel-good reads.

Carlisle’s dream of attending culinary school goes up in flames when she accidentally burns down her landlord’s shed while cooking ribs for a contest. Winning the cook-off would have provided enough money for tuition. Now she needs to win to replace the damaged building. Carlisle resigns herself to putting her future on hold while dealing with the problems of the present.

The hot fire chief who puts out the fire makes it clear she’s used up precious resources with her carelessness. He’s furious that she’s wasted his time when he needs every second to track down an arsonist who is escalating dangerously.

The far more serious problem is that Carlisle’s small fire draws the attention of the arsonist who doesn't like anyone stealing the limelight. He comes after her with a frightening single-minded focus. Can Carlisle save herself and their budding romance from the flames of a maniac?

When the jewelry gallery she works at is robbed, Sandra is not just the prime suspect; she is the only suspect. Desperate to clear her name, she reluctantly agrees to work with sexy former jewel thief, Alex Daniels, to recover the jewelry and catch a thief.

He reminds her of the men who lounge half-naked across Ferraris in fragrance ads, aloof and confident in their looks. Alex can't believe anyone as naive and trusting as Sandra can be for real. Thrown together to solve the robbery, Alex feels his heart begin to thaw towards Sandra. As his feelings become stronger, Alex must ask her to rekindle a romance to her recently paroled ex-boyfriend, who holds the key to solving the robbery.

In the end, Sandra must decide if it is more important to clear her name or follow her heart.

About the Author

Daisy Jerico lives in a small Wisconsin town with her three dogs and husband of 27 years. When not writing, Daisy teaches science to inquiring minds. For more on Daisy, visit her online at

Monday, July 14, 2014

It's A Party!

Join Prism Book Group authors for a Facebook Party on July 16, 2014, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern time and you could win great prizes. To RSVP go to

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Horn Storm’s Sunday Six

Below are six sentences from my contemporary western romantic adventure, Big Horn Storm. For the past week the novel has been reduced to just $0.99 for your Kindle or Nook. It is scheduled to return to its regular price of $3.99 on Monday. So, if this snippet whets your appetite, there’s no better time than the present to get your copy.  

Her eyes darted from man to man. She scanned the area and noted that she was still very close to the edge of the ravine. Niki could feel the big horse quiver beneath her and tense, ready to spring at the slightest provocation. She gripped Storm’s sides with her legs and grasped the saddle horn. One man pulled a pistol out of its holster. She doubted he intended to shoot her yet—instant death would be too quick, easy and preferable. 

I hope you enjoy the adventure. For your copy, visit Amazon at Amazon at or Barnes and Noble at

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adventure Scrapbook – Bird Watching in the Everglades


For anyone who loves bird watching, there’s no better place than Florida’s Everglades. It doesn’t take too much effort or an exceptionally keen eye, so even the novice can enjoy bird watching.  The avian diversity and abundance is simply spectacular.