Friday, August 18, 2017

Adventure Inspirations – A Richer Experience

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt" 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hooked on a Taste of Tragedy at #MFRWHooks

On the last Book Hooks blog hop I participated in a couple weeks ago I provided a short excerpt and blurb from the first novel in the Risky Research Series, A Dose of Danger (scroll down a few posts to view). This week I’ll offer up A Taste of Tragedy, book two in the series. Book three, A Foundation of Fear, is in editing and the release date will be announced soon. Hope you enjoy this little taste of action.
Devyn scrambled out of the gully and cut across the raised ground above the bend in the creek. Inching out toward the edge, she peered over and spotted her target. His back was to her. She had a clean shot, but this time she was determined to get answers. Dead men couldn’t talk.
She quietly set her gun on a rock, where she knew she could find it quickly. Stepping closer, she leapt.
Morgan Hunter sacrificed everything for her career. She had yet to encounter anything she wasn’t willing to do to succeed...until now. When she uncovers evidence that the healthy foods she’s been hired to promote may be dangerous, she must reevaluate her priorities. As questions mount and the body count rises, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of an organization that will stop at nothing to hide its secrets and protect its profits. With no one else to trust, Morgan is forced to seek help from the man she drove away, but whom she never stopped loving. 
For information on all of my adventure novels, please follow me on twitter at or on Facebook at Click on a blue underlined title to download A Taste of Tragedy or a A Dose of Danger from Amazon.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adventure Scrapbook – Found Nowhere Else On Earth

Located northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada near the border with California, Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is a fascinating and unique ecosystem. The refuge was established in 1984, and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. Over 23,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands and alkaline desert uplands protect a number of threatened and endangered species found nowhere else in the world. Water from over 100 miles to the northeast enters a vast aquifer system and slowly moves underground until it is forced to the surface by a geological fault. The seeps and springs created as the water reaches the surface make the refuge a unique spot in the dry Mojave Desert. The visual contrast between the desert and the wetlands, along with its wide array of plant and animal life are well worth the detour on the way to Death Valley. For more information visit 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Adventure Inspirations – To Experience Adventure

“You’ve been so long in the rain, you feel like a dirty dish rag. But despite the misery of your water soaked body, you look around to see verdant leaves dripping with water. The air entering your lungs smells vibrantly clean. To experience adventure, you must be willing to be uncomfortable at times and enjoy the loneliness by being happy with your own singing. A song pops out of your mouth… "It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was fine…”  

- Frosty Wooldridge-

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Smokey

Smokey Bear turns 73 today. Celebrate by continuing this icon's good work.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

#Kindle Fire and Gift Card #Giveaway

Don’t miss out on the Summer Holiday Reads promotion running through August 31. Prizes include a Kindle eReader and Amazon gift cards. Here’s the contest link: Good Luck!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

August Picnic

Judging by the list of “National Days” in August, the month is clearly the month of camp outs and picnics. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day, the 10th is National S’mores Day, and the 30th is National Marshmallow Toasting Day. So, get out there and celebrate the waning days of summer with a cookout with friends and family

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hop Into Adventure With #MFRWHooks

Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop. I’m pleased to provide a few sentences from the first novel in the Risky Research Series, A Dose of Danger. The second novel in this romantic suspense series is A Taste of Tragedy, and the third, A Foundation of Fear, is in the editing phase with my publisher (release date to be determined).  
“You already have more than a full-time career. This situation will most likely be long-term, so I need to get into a rhythm with the chores and my job, and not get too dependent upon your kindness and nice muscles,” she added with a shy smile. 

“So you like my muscles?”

“Don’t let it go to your head, Deputy. Remember I work with a bunch of researchers, PhDs, and marketing executives.”

He laughed as he turned and walked out the door.

Grace stood on the porch and watched until the truck’s taillights disappeared over the rise.

Just my luck, I may have met “Mr. Right,” and the timing couldn’t be more wrong.

When researcher Grace Talbot and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss they become targets of a group dedicated to controlling the multi-billion dollar a year diet-product industry. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues either dead, missing, or on the run she soon realizes she must trust the
deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?

For information on all my adventure novels, including my newest release, ADose of Danger, please follow me on twitter at or visit my author page at Click on any book title highlighted in blue to download from Amazon.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sweet Pea Paradise

I'm always bragging on my tiny garden. As usual I have tomatoes galore, zucchini, cucumbers, and lettuce, but this year I decided to ditch the beans and go with sweet peas. I had a difficult time ever getting enough beans at the same stage of maturity to cook up. But, since I prefer peas raw and fresh as opposed to cooked, problem solved. Since July I've had a steady stream of healthy snack straight from the garden. I may have gotten a little carried away and they've taken over, but they'll soon be gone, leaving plenty of room for the rest of the plants to dominate.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Pursuit of National Happiness

I’ve never been to Bhutan, but I’ve always dreamed of visiting this landlocked country nestled in the Himalayas. One of the most intriguing aspects of this country is the idea of Gross National Happiness. The core philosophy behind the concept of Gross National Happiness is to enable development while promoting the attainment of happiness. The four main pillars of Gross National Happiness are equitable and equal socio-economic development; preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage; conservation of environment; and good governance which are interwoven, complementary, and consistent.

The concept may not be attainable in a country the size of the United States or compatible with our democratic system, but the ideals are worth considering and incorporating into life and government where possible. Often the pursuit of prosperity doesn’t equate to happiness or the protection of the environment, but maybe it’s possible to strike a balance. To learn more about Bhutan and its Gross National Happiness concept, visit

Monday, July 24, 2017

Georgetown Loop of Colorado

Most weekends we feel lucky to have a day to get outside and explore, so we look for unique experiences doable in a day. Recently we drove 45 miles west of Denver on 1-70 to Georgetown, Colorado. We wandered the streets of this quaint town, which along with nearby Silver Plume, boasts one of the largest concentrations of Victorian homes in the United States. Georgetown began as a mining camp in 1859 because of the abundant gold and silver in the surrounding mountains. Now people are drawn to the area for its historic significance, picturesque towns, and its idyllic location in the Rocky Mountains.

A few miles outside of Georgetown in Silver Plume (elevation 9,178 feet) we boarded the Georgetown Loop train and visited the Lebanon Mine, both are part of the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park. The weather was spectacular, we learned a lot about local mining from the 1870’s through the 1920’s during our guided tour 1,000 feet deep into the Lebanon Mine, and the scenery of the Rocky Mountains never disappoints.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I purchased the three big beautiful raspberries at a grocery store known for its produce. The handful of small berries came from my backyard. If given a choice one might be tempted to reach for the large plump berries. The reality is that the small less-than-perfect berries taste like heavenly little drops of sweet goodness, while the large berries had very little taste at all. Not only have my imperfect raspberries been a surprising treat, but they have reminded me of a couple of old adages we should always keep in mind—don’t judge a book by its cover and looks can be deceiving.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cussler’s Classic Cars

Whether you are a classic car enthusiast or a fan of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels, I highly recommend a visit to the Cussler Museum located in Arvada, Colorado. The museum showcases approximately 70 of the 100 cars in its collection, and the cars rotate annually, so if you keep coming back you’ll eventually see them all. Cars which have appeared in Dirk Pitt novels are identified by a copy of the novel and a brief note in the car’s description placard. Even though I don’t know a lot about old cars, there was no mistaking the quality of this amazing collection. For more information visit

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Contemporary Western Cowboy

What good is a contemporary western adventure without a smoking hot cowboy that makes the reader cheer for a happily-ever-after ending. In Big Horn Storm, Niki finds herself in a fight for survival with her childhood infatuation, Deuce. Here’s a short excerpt from when she arrives at the ranch.

Niki couldn’t see Robert Mitchell Blackburn II, known to friends and family as Deuce, but his deep voice gave away his location. No doubt his tall muscular frame stood just inside the barn door, concealed in the shadows. Even though he was hidden from view, she could describe every detail of his unruly hair peeking out from under his beat-up and sweat-stained straw cowboy hat, the scrutinizing look in his hazel eyes, his tanned complexion, and the scuffs on the heels of his boots where his spurs had worn on the leather. Dark stubble would shadow his chin and above his lip, and his sleeves would be rolled up on his denim shirt. She hated the fact that not only could she see him clearly in her mind now, but she could picture him just as clearly nearly every day of her life no matter how hard she tried to keep him out of her head.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Horse vs Dirt Bike

Today, I thought I’d give you an excerpt from Big Horn Storm that would have been tough to write without a little real life experience to back it up.
With a prayer and a swift kick, Niki informed Storm it was time to run for their lives. The horse sensed the danger and cleared the edge of the ravine before the men could react. Niki held on as tight as she could and leaned back to help the horse keep his balance as he lunged down the slope. Rocks dislodged under the fury of his churning hooves as he barreled down the embankment.
They had nearly reached the creek when the first series of shots rang out. Storm shied and turned to follow the creek downstream rather than plunging into the water with its slick bottom at an uncontrolled speed. Another barrage of gunfire pelted the ground, narrowly missing Niki, but hitting nearby rocks, spraying the horse with sharp stone fragments.
A slight bend in the ravine took them out of sight of the shooters and soon the slope was much less intimidating, making it easier for Storm to cross the creek and climb out of the ravine.  Niki released a sigh of relief and encouraged the horse to take it easy as he began his ascent. They had just reached the top when Niki heard the unmistakable sound of two dirt bikes’ engines firing up.
“I hope you have a little more left,” she whispered as she leaned over Storm’s neck, flattening herself against his steaming body.
Her position was all the encouragement the horse needed. Storm stretched out to a full run. His speed and endurance amazed her, but she knew they needed to reach the cover of the thick forest on the other side of the clearing as quickly as possible. Storm had already been galloping for hours before they had even reached the tower, so she doubted he would be able to outrun the dirt bikes for long or dodge the bullets that would come once the soldiers reached the flat meadow.
Niki stole a glance back. The bikes had cleared the ravine’s lip and were rapidly closing in. She looked ahead and estimated they were still a quarter of a mile from a dense stand of trees. Several bullets landed well to the right of Niki, doing no damage, but the noise spurred another burst of speed from the gelding. She fought the urge to look back again—it would serve no purpose. Instead, she kept herself low and her head down to help Storm as much as possible and to minimize the size of target her body presented.
The distance between her and the trees narrowed, but the bikes sounded closer. Another shot narrowly missed as Storm dove into the thin stand of pine. The horse slowed slightly, having to navigate through an old blow-down as if it were an obstacle course. She knew the fallen trees would slow the dirt bikes even more since they would have no choice but to find an alternate route around the jumble of timber, resembling a giant game of pick-up-sticks.
Niki remained low to the horse’s neck as he wove in and out of trees, branches slapping violently, threatening to dislodge her from Storm’s back. He stumbled several times as he maneuvered through the erratically strewn timber, but regained his footing and continued to run. She clung to the horn, hoping the horse knew what he was doing, doubting she still had the ability to think quickly or clearly enough to make a good decision, nor did she want to risk a look up for fear of being stabbed in the eye by a low-hanging branch.
Storm leapt over logs and wove his way around everything he couldn’t clear. His nose was stretched out as if reaching for the finish line at the Kentucky Derby. His breathing huffed above the pounding of his hooves and the breaking of branches and Niki hoped his strength and endurance would last until they were safely away from the armed men.

As the horse finally managed to put distance between them and the sound of the bikes, Niki took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. The noise of the engines had all but faded when she dared her first glimpse up since entering the trees. The sight brought a gasp from her lips. The sheer drop off was the last thing she saw as Storm launched himself over the edge without hesitation.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

How to Write Western Action

Life embellished has been essential in writing certain scenes in my novels, especially for Big Horn Storm. When I was a teen, my dad and I were helping friends drive their cattle to a high grazing lease for the summer. By the time we reached the steepest, last big push, the cows were getting tired and a few decided it would be easier to slide back down the mountain than to keep climbing. My dad was on a green-broke colt which wasn’t as surefooted as my palomino gelding, and she was getting a little tired with her heavier load. To make a long story short, my dad told me to go after them. I looked at him like he was mad, but nudged my horse, assuming he wouldn’t go if he thought it was too steep. He was a good cow horse, so he didn’t hesitate to plunge over the edge after the cattle. The slope was too steep and the dirt too loose to stop and I ended up beating the cows to the bottom. As calmly as possible with one’s life flashing before her eyes, I gathered the cows up and herded them back to the dirt road where my dad was waiting to help me guide the cows up the hill to the rest of the herd. I still occasionally have those, “Man From Snowy River,” flashbacks, but the experience did help me write a couple scenes in Big Horn Storm.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

#Kindle Fire and Gift Card #Giveaway

Don’t miss out on the Summer Holiday Reads promotion running through August 31. Prizes include a Kindle eReader and Amazon gift cards. Here’s the contest link: Good Luck!

Horseback Adventures - Real vs Fictional

Growing up, I spent my summers on horseback. When my dad wasn’t in a rodeo we were riding in the stunning mountains of Wyoming. I probably didn’t appreciate all the trail rides and pack trips at the time, but looking back I guess I was lucky. We rode all over the McCullough Peaks, in the mountains of the North Fork and South Fork of the Shoshone River, in the Sunlight Basin area, and in the Bighorn National Forest. So, I thought I’d share a couple posts from real life and of the fictional lives of the characters in Big Horn Storm. My story began at a very young age. Here my pony and I are doing a good job keeping up with the pack horse while crossing the Shoshone River. Check back in a few days for more on factual and fictional horseback adventures.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone has a fun and festive Fourth of July holiday with friends and family. Celebrate your independence and be safe.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Amazing Animals of Patagonia

Not only do I love to travel and see the world, I enjoy watching travel shows. Recently I stumbled onto a travel series hosted by a couple young men from Canada called Departures which ran for three season from 2008-2010. The show has taken me back to some of my most memorable journeys and reminded me why I can’t get enough of exploring the world. I just finished with an episode on Patagonia and the scenes with penguins made me smile and I wanted to share my happy memories with everyone. I hope you enjoy these enchanting creatures. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

In Love with Audio Books

The June audio book promo is ending soon on Suzanne Whitfield Vince’s Blog, In love, all things are possible, at  A number of my books are available in audio book including Marked in Mexico, Shrouded in Secrets, and A Dose of Danger. I had to pick just one to include in this exciting promo, so I chose A Dose of Danger since it’s my newest audio book and the first story in my Risky Research Series. The second novel in the series is A Taste of Tragedy, and I’ve recently signed a contract for the third novel, A Foundation of Fear. Anyway, back to the audio books. Here’s a little more on A Dose of Danger

When researcher Grace Talbot and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss they are targeted by a group dedicated to controlling the multi-billion-dollar a year diet product industry. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues either dead, missing, or on the run she soon realizes she must trust the deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?    

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fabulous Final Four

Here’s the last of my blog posts featuring the fabulous final four of Gay N. Lewis’s Sarah series. I hope you found a respite from the madness in these delightful happily-ever-after tales of romance and mischief.

Available in eBook
A double wedding? Was it possible? 
The Superiors want Jessica and Robert to marry, but they throw in a twist--while seeing to their wedding, Sarah, Heaven’s Little Love Angel, must also find a mate for Bonnie, Jessica’s mom. Her orders are to bring about the two weddings simultaneously. 
Can Sarah pull it off? Or will her clumsiness destroy two romances in one shot?

Available in print. 
This book takes the two novellas, Date for Mackenzie and Family Affair and combines them. Again, these two books contain the same characters but they are both stand alone.

Available in eBook  
Sarah, the haphazard angel, returns to Texas. Her mission this time is to bring comfort to a young woman who is about to receive devastating news. Sarah brings comfort, gets caught in a freak snowstorm, and introduces Emily to a wealthy Texas cowboy. In this episode, Sarah gets the job done, but not without plenty of mishap that make the humans laugh as she bumbles her way through Texas.

Available in eBook on Amazon
Sarah is thrilled beyond words when she receives an assignment to return to Central Texas—the birth place of the first mission of love. On this trip, she is to find a companion for Tom’s mother, Allison. Will sweet Allison survive Sarah’s attempts at matchmaking? Can a widowed pastor’s wife find happiness again? Even though she’s more experienced now, Sarah continues to cause mishaps—and this time they aren’t all by accident! Allison is in for a ride of a lifetime.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Divine Treats

As promised, here are blurbs from four more of Gay N. Lewis’s Sarah series. I hope your enjoying these divine treats.

Available in eBook
Sarah is given a new mission—to link Robert Johnson and Brittany Lee—two people she encountered while trying to bring a couple together on that irksome computer Internet dating service. Oh sure, she’d done it. Not without trial and a lot of error, but with this fresh assignment, trouble would come…she was positive.

If she hadn’t grumbled about the computer, perhaps the Lieutenant wouldn’t have ordered her to ride the Galveston Ferris wheel. She’d seen the huge rotation device built over the Gulf of Mexico, and the very thought of a ride on that monster made her nauseous. 

What if she threw up on the humans? 

Oh merciful heavens! Why did the Superiors give such tasks to bumbling angels anyway?

Available in eBook
The Superiors left Sarah, “Heaven’s Little Love Angel,” on Earth to complete the third 
consecutive and interrelated mission. With simple instructions to find a mate for Galena Maddox and a dad for six-year-old Mandy, Sarah should have no problem, right? Well, except that dyslexic Sarah—known for bungles and goof-ups—creates more mayhem than she ever imagined possible. Pesky human disguises cause her trouble—again. In mortal form, she either injures people or embarrasses herself. Now the earthlings think she’s a fugitive from a mental hospital.

With Galena’s shady past, will Matt Austin, a minister, even consider her as a wife? And 
will Matt’s hoity-toity church accept Galena if Sarah successfully brings them together? Angels shouldn’t worry, but the task is daunting.

A wedding featuring the love interests from Sarah and the Internet Dating Service just 
might provide the magical atmosphere necessarily to bring Galena and Matt together.

Available in eBook and print
This book combines three into one story. Dating Service, Ferris Wheel, and Mandy all contain the same three couples.  Each novella in Three Times a Charm completes the story of the friends, but each one stands alone.

Available in eBook and print
Dyslexic and bumbling love angel, Sarah, comes to earth to unite Carolyn with a mate. Her orders from the Superiors specify she must make this happen while Carolyn cruises to Catalina Island. Sarah fears she’ll fall into the ocean and drown under the pull of her soggy wings. Facing a cruise might just be worse than facing a scary ferris wheel, but on this visit to earth, there’s more to fear than ocean waves... Talen is an evil spirit is assigned to thwart Sarah’s efforts by any means possible. The two destined lovers must not unite. Will Talen complete his task? Can Tomas, the Warrior Angel, successfully protect Sarah? Or will she goof up the battle between the holy and unholy spirits? Poopty doopty... Mayhem is bound to happen.

Available in eBook

Merciful heavens! Getting acquainted with adult teachers in a high school is one challenge, but hang with the kids too? Sarah, heaven’s little love angel who is known for bungles, has dealt with children and enjoyed them, but teenagers? My stars! They are a different ballgame. She doesn’t understand their jargon, clothes or hairdos. And mood swings? Forget it. She knew nothing about them—nada —zippo. She’d seen and heard them from above—even wondered at times why they existed on the same planet as adults. They were unique and interesting, but to mingle with them? Not a chance would she choose to do so—well, not until her latest assignment. Why would the Superiors send a bumbling angel like her to help a shy teenager find a date for a high school prom? Poopty doopty! A nightmare is about to happen.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Angelic Inspiration

There is one thing I imagine we can all agree on right now no matter what our political views are or what our religious, cultural, and other differences might be. There is too much sadness, tragedy, anger, and hate dominating our country and the news. I hope this is a temporary condition that will soon see a correction, but in the mean time we all need more smiles and pleasant escapes.
With this conclusion in mind I contacted a writer friend of mine, Gay N. Lewis, and asked her if I could showcase her Sarah series on my blog. The series is about a dyslexic Angel, Sarah, who gets into all sorts of amusing predicaments while playing matchmaker. She’ll stop at nothing in her attempts to bring romance into the lives of her charges.
I’ve read a number of books in the series and just downloaded, Sarah Does It Again, which I’m anxious to start reading. Gay’s books are feel-good stories without the tears, and you just can’t help but smile. I have to confess that I lost track of just how many novels in the series she’s written, so I’ve decided to make this a multi-part blog series where I’ll introduce four or five novels each post.
If, like me, you’re in the market for an uplifting adventure and could use a little angelic inspiration, pick up one of Gay’s Sarah novels and be prepared to smile. To buy on Amazon just click on any of the titles below.

Available in eBook, print, audio
Handsome, single, and wealthy, Houstonian Tom Shoemaker must decide if he should give up his successful business to assume a country pastorate. When a blonde, blue-eyed, dyslexic angel arrives from The Heavenlies to locate a mate for Tom by Valentine’s Day, she’s havoc in outlandish red stilettos. But despite numerous goofs in her efforts—many caused by her passion for eccentric footwear the other angels would never dare adorn—love is indeed in the air.

After Marcy Montgomery’s husband was killed in Afghanistan, she relocated to a small, central Texas town with Hope, her five-year-old daughter. When Sarah accidentally introduces Tom to Marcy, she sets about discovering if the two would make suitable mates. The Superiors certainly wouldn’t approve of a romantic link between the wrong people. But Hope wants a father, and when the five-year-old meets Tom, she immediately decides he is the perfect candidate.

Is Tom the right one for Marcy? Or has Sarah made her biggest blunder of all? Oh merciful heavens! What’s an angel to do?

Available in eBook, print, audio
Beautiful, talented, and stubborn, architect Laney Taylor battles her attraction to the handsome and wealthy—but mulish—homebuilder, Cannon Carlson. After all, he is her employer, and business and pleasure don’t mix, do they? 

Sarah, a klutzy, perpetually direction-challenged angel who craves cheeseburgers and fancies red stilettos, is sent to Houston on assignment. She’s to bring these obstinate people together, but she faces major challenges, especially since Laney is threatened by a mysterious stalker who plans to kill her.

To protect Laney, the Commander of Heaven dispatches a second, more seasoned warrior angel, Tomas, to Earth with divine instructions to protect Laney. But will hit-or-miss Sarah get in his way? Can Sarah unite Cannon and Laney romantically together?

Oh merciful heavens! What will Sarah do this time?

Available in eBook, print, audio
Widow Beth Marsh is not only beautiful, but wealthy enough to buy a third-world country. When she enters the dating arena to find companionship, two men profess an interest in her…but is it Beth they want, or are they out to get her money?

Watching from the Heavenlies, the Superiors dispatch Heaven’s Little Love Angel to Houston during the Christmas holidays. Sarah’s mission is to help the lady determine which of her suitors is the genuine article. Is black-haired Bryan Wingate the real deal? Or is good-looking Charles Chadwick the more earnest suitor?

When Beth invites human-disguised Sarah to attend a wedding, the delighted angel looks forward to an opportunity to wear a beautiful formal gown, and maybe—at long last—red stilettos! But Sarah’s mission becomes deadly serious when she discovers Beth’s life is in danger. If Sarah fails in her mission, Tomas, the Warrior Angel, will intercede. Determined to keep her human charge safe from gold diggers and save Tomas the trouble, the little love angel steps up her efforts.

But Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah without a few bungles along the way...

Available in eBook

For her next mission to earth, The Superiors assign Sarah a challenging assignment. She is to spur a romantic relationship between Karen Newton and Jeremy Spencer…through the Internet! The dyslexic angel has managed to unite couples previously, but computers perplex her. Since the couple knows each other through their work at a Houston oil company, why must she use those irksome gadgets to trigger a romance? After all, she is known in The Heavenlies as “Little Miss Goof Up.” But an order is an order…

When Karen faces danger, Sarah must send a believable email message to Jeremy. But how? She’s already created multiple fiascoes with her Internet attempts. Perhaps she should ignore orders and find other means to alert Jeremy. Poopty doopty—it would mean a reprimand on Cloud Five. Should she risk it?

Uh-oh. Do angels get headaches? It looks as though Sarah is headed for one.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meteorological Start to Summer

The Summer Solstice is the meteorological start to summer, and it’s the longest day of the year. As a sun-lover this is something I appreciate very much. So, get out and enjoy, and if you’re at the North Pole on this day the sun does not set at all.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pollinator Week June 19-25

According to the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service about 35 percent of the world’s food crops rely on animal pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and beetles and other insects to reproduce. Without these animal pollinators our food supply would be in jeopardy. National Pollinator Week runs from June 19-25. If you want to learn more about pollinators visit or   

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day Observed

The first Father’s Day was observed in Spokane, Washington on May 18, 1910, and it continues to be celebrated on the third Sunday in June of each year. I hope all the Dads out there have a very special day.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are Audio Books Your Thing?

If so, check out Suzanne Whitfield Vince’s Blog, In love, all things are possible, at to explore the many different options and genres available in audio book. A number of my books are available in audio book including Marked in Mexico, Shrouded in Secrets, and A Dose of Danger. I had to pick just one to include in this exciting promo, so I chose A Dose of Danger since it’s my newest audio book and the first story in my Risky Research Series. The second novel in the series is A Taste of Tragedy, and I’ve recently signed a contract for the third novel, A Foundation of Fear. Anyway, back to the audio books. Here’s a little more on A Dose of Danger.

When researcher Grace Talbot and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss they are targeted by a group dedicated to controlling the multi-billion-dollar a year diet product industry. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues either dead, missing, or on the run she soon realizes she must trust the deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?   

Friday, June 2, 2017

Important Dates in June

Here are some important dates coming up in June:

D-Day, World War II – June 6
Flag Day -  June 14
Father’s Day - June 18
The Summer Solstice – June 20

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Mystery of Ebook Pricing

I don’t always understand how publishers and Amazon price ebooks. Sometimes prices are reduced for promos, like A Taste of Tragedy was awhile back, though the price still hasn’t been raised to its original price of $3.99 from its currently discounted price of $0.99. I have no idea when that might happen. As for boxed sets, they’re often a major bargain. I assume this is to encourage readers to try a new author with very little to lose. My Kindle boxed set is only $3.99 and it includes three of my adventure novels. If you downloaded each separately the cost would be $10.97. So, whatever the reason I always like to pass on to readers that if you haven’t tried my books, the Kindle boxed set is a very economical way to go. If you have read these three novels, I'd love to hear which is your favorite. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day Remembrances

Memorial Day is officially celebrated on the last Monday of May. The holiday is a time to express our gratitude to the service men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and to remember loved ones who have passed away. Memorial Day traditions include parades, picnics, and a visit to the cemetery to decorate the headstones of loved ones or pay tribute to veterans, often distinguished by flags placed near their headstones. However you choose to celebrate, please take a moment and remember those who have sacrificed so much for our country and our freedom. No words can adequately express my gratitude. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Can Travel Change the World

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.
- Innocents Abroad, Mark Twain

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Adventure Inspirations – What Makes an Adventure?

“What is adventure? If a lone wolf lifts his plaintive call into the moonlight near your campsite, you might call that adventure. While you’re sweating like a horse on a climb over a 12,000 foot pass, that could be adventure. When howling head winds press your lips against your teeth, you face a mighty struggle. When your pack grows heavy on your shoulders as your climb a 14,000 foot peak, you feel the adventure. When you suffer freezing temperatures and 20 inches of fresh powder on a hut to hut trip in the Rockies, that could be called adventure. But that’s not what makes an adventure. It’s your willingness to conquer it, and to present yourself at the doorstep of nature. That creates the experience. No more greater joy can come from life than to live inside a moment of adventure. It is the uncommon wilderness experience that gives your life expectation.” 
Frosty Wooldridge, Golden, Colorado 

Monday, May 15, 2017


I just finished an adventure novel from one of my favorite best-selling authors. It had a cave-in scene that kind of reminded me of one I wrote in Shrouded in Secrets. There’s nothing more terrifying than being trapped underground unless, as in Cash’s case, it's being drug out of the crumbling cavern by a panicked mule. Here’s a scene from Shrouded in Secrets.
Cash yanked the closest timber and caught the bundle as it fell. The ceiling groaned and rocks dislodged in a hail storm as he ran toward the first pit. He cleared the hole with room to spare, landed on his feet and kept running, hunched over. The sound of gunfire grew louder as he neared the sharp turn in the tunnel.
As soon as he rounded the corner, he was forced to lie down and shimmy forward. He pulled himself along the ground with one arm while holding his prize tight to his side with the other. He scooted past the second pit and slowed as he reached the exit. He set the bundle down, planning to retrieve it once he neutralized the threat. At the moment, he needed his hand on his gun more than the rotted leather wrap.
He was in a vulnerable position. If he just stuck his head out, it could very well get shot off, but he had to do something. Inching closer to the mouth of the cavern, the gunfire stopped, leaving an eerie quiet. He strained to hear sounds to clue him in on the situation, but silence ruled.
Suddenly the slack went out of the forgotten rope tied around his waist, tightening, forcing all the air out of his lungs, propelling him into motion. The momentum yanked him out into the daylight in a blur, dislodging his gun somewhere in the process. The speed in which he was being drug up the steep hill, across the rocks, brush, and cacti on his belly grew with each painful moment. Cash struggled to retrieve the knife from its sheath at his side, but found accomplishing the task impossible as his body bounced over the rough terrain with the rope cutting into his skin.
He abandoned all attempts to reach his blade and covered his head with his arms as he sped toward a sturdy shrub. Branches snapped and flew through the air as he scraped over the bush. Blood ran down his hands and forearms, but at least he successfully protected his skull. Fumbling, Cash finally managed to free his knife. He sawed frantically at the taut rope, realizing the mule pulling him was running full out for the lip of another steep gorge.

The ultra-strong high-tech filament line gave way, and his body skidded to an abrupt halt. He glanced up in time to see the mule disappear over the ledge, dust and rocks flying up behind frantic hooves as the terrified animal fled the danger.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing my mom and all the mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day. Did you know that the first Mother’s Day was recognized on May 10, 1908 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adventure Scrapbook – Neretva River Delta

I usually capture people or recognizable landmarks in my travel photographs, but occasionally I try my hand at a purely artistic composition. This photo was taken from the ladja (local wooden boat) we were on as we explored the wetlands of the Neretva River delta about an hour from Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Adventure Inspirations – No Regrets

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
 - Mark Twain-