Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Kindle Romance Promotion

I would like to introduce a wonderful author, and a special Kindle romance promotion, where select books are priced from $0.99 - $1.99. The promotion is running through February 14, 2014 on Amazon. 

Karen Cogan is a sweet and inspirational romance writer. She is a native of Houston, TX, and spent her early years enjoying life along the Gulf Coast.  After high school, Karen attended Texas A&M as well as the University of Houston, where she obtained a B.S. in early childhood education. She has written numerous articles and stories, books for children and novels for adults.  She particularly enjoys writing contemporary and historical romance.  She now lives in the Southwest with her family and assorted pets.

Karen’s novels, An Artful Deception and The Secret of Castlegate Manor will be included in the Kindle Romance promotion and priced at just $0.99 through February 14. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nature Inspired Writing

Join me on Thursday, January 30, when I’ll be the guest blogger on the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Blog, at  I’ll be discussing, Inspiration From Nature. Please stop by, check it out, and maybe even leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Better She Love and a FREE Silver Sage Creek Novel

This isn’t just another book release announcement, but rather a chance to get to know author, Judy Baker, and an opportunity to receive a free copy of one of her Silver Sage Creek Novels.  Welcome Judy, thank you for stopping by, and the floor is yours!
Thank you Kim for inviting me to announce Book 3 in the Silver Sage Creek novels, Better She Love, now available.
 I’ve been intrigue with the West from an early age, maybe because I was a Tennessean and watched westerns on the television with my daddy, especially Rawhide starring Clint Eastwood. Now I enjoy writing historical westerns, except I’d rather have more romance in my western stories than those early shows – like Kevin Costner and Annette Bening in Open Range – love that movie. I do hope you enjoy reading the Silver Sage Creek novels and would love to hear from you.

To kick off my new release, I am giving away an ebook of either Better She Die Book One, or Better She Live Book Two to anyone who e-mails me for a copy when they order Better She Love. Just go to and contact me through my website.

Book Three - Better She Love


How can she compare the Comanche half-breed’s kisses to the man she’s going to marry, when he had only kissed her on the cheek?



Dr. Millicent’s family never spoke the word love. When she travels to a quaint western town in Texas, and within a few days, she hears the word often from a father she never knew, and a mother she thought dead. After a short time on the ranch, she has doubts about returning to her life in Atlanta? How can she give in to her grandmother’s demands, go back, and marry someone she doesn’t love?

When Sam Coulson meets the high society, prim and proper doctor, he doesn’t think she can fit into the rude, crude and untamed life of the west. But, a vision of her saving him, and her stubborn independence, draws him in until she owns his heart.

Can a kiss, a flashflood rescue, a shooting, and a mad rabid wolf, chase her into the arms of a Comanche half-breed, and convince her she belongs with him?

Book One - Better She Die

With her half-breed son and her abdomen growing with child, returning to the white man society is a struggle, even with the Ranger’s help.



Book Two - Better She Live

A saloon woman…alone…unloved, and yet, surrounded by love




I wish all of Kim’s friends a very enjoyable New Year. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adventure Scrapbook – Thailand Elephants

We stopped for a break at a small village outside Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, and ended up on an elephant slogging through the jungle, belly deep in murky water. This little side venture wasn’t in the plan, but often those are the most rewarding experiences, and our impromptu elephant ride turned out to be an unexpected highlight.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hooked on Danger and Forbidden Love

MFRW Authors Blog
Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop. Here’s a little teaser from my dystopian adventure romance novel, Deadly Exodus (Desperate Dreams),which for a limited time, can be purchased for your kindle from Amazon for just $0.99 I hope you enjoy!

The sound of boots pounding overhead took Nyla’s breath away. The women left the bridge and scrambled down the bank. Once they reached the creek bed and turned the light under the bridge, it would be all over. Nyla wondered if Ethan and Jared would be executed on the spot or if they would at least be taken back to stand trial. The thought of losing Ethan terrified her. She slipped out from behind him and positioned her body in front of his. He tried to push her back, but she refused to budge. If they were going shoot Ethan, they would have to go through her. 


Their love is forbidden…their lives in danger…

Trapped in a dystopian America where men are being exterminated and relationships are forbidden, Nyla is determined to change the course of her future and protect Ethan. Fleeing means abandoning her grandmother and imprisoned mother, but Nyla and her friends will do anything to escape an authoritarian government which has stolen their freedom and prohibits personal expression of any kind.

Desperate and dreaming of a new life, the group makes a run for the Mexican border through the inhospitable Big Bend region of Texas. Persistent patrols track and corner them, while a vast and desolate landscape inhabited by brazen predators tests their ability to survive.

Will they live to realize their dreams of a new life and a chance at love?
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Win Free books and Celebrate A Blogging Milestone

In celebration of 100,000 views to Jacqueline Hopper’s Blog, Prism Book Group authors are sharing our 2014 goals and achievements, and giving away some great prizes including a Book Lovers Gift Pack from Prism Book Group comprised of a print copy of Sarah: Mission of Love by Gay N. Lewis, a print copy of The Last Detail by Lisa J Lickel, and three Prism eBook downloads of choice! So, make sure to enter below and then hop on over to another blog for other posts and more chances to win. Have Fun! 

For 2014 my writing goal is the same as it is nearly every year – write a new adventure novel that amazes, excites, and entertains my readers, and surpasses the one I wrote before. This is a particularly challenging goal since the overall impression of any book on a reader is subjective, but hopefully I achieved my goal in 2013 with the publication of Shrouded In Secrets 

In the early years, it was easier to see the progression from novel to novel in the form of better grammar, tighter sentences, more effective dialogue, etc. But now, the improvement in those areas is more subtle after nearly twenty years of honing my craft, so I’m left with writing a completely unique story that enthralls as many readers as possible from beginning to end - a lofty goal.
So, if you haven’t read any of my adventure/suspense novels, I hope you find the time this year, and then you can be the judge if I’ve succeeded in my goals.  Please click on any of the book covers to the right for a quick trip to Amazon.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deadly Exodus Sneak Peek

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for January 19, 2014. The six paragraphs below are from Deadly Exodus (Desperate Dreams). I hope you enjoy this snippet, and it whets your appetite for more. Please follow me on twitter at for cheap and free ebooks, new releases, and updates on my adventures in life and in fiction, please follow me on twitter. 

Nyla watched as Ethan quickly extracted a knife from his pocket and secured the blade to the end of the stick, making a spear. Just as he finished wrapping the string and tying it off, Nyla spotted the two shapes re-emerging from the shadows, this time from behind.

“Behind us,” she hissed as the group whirled around to meet their enemy.

Ethan tried to shine his light in their eyes, but this time the wolves kept their eyes diverted and began circling the group.

“Huddle up, backs together,” Ethan whispered.

The wolves paced slowly and methodically, moving in closer with each circuit around the group, spacing themselves so the potential meal was sandwiched between them.

“Claire and Jared, stay focused on the animal closest to you no matter what you hear from us. Nyla and I will concentrate on this one. If we lose our focus on one, it will expose our flank. That’s probably their plan—one strikes and the other attacks from behind when everyone’s attention is diverted.”

The moment the words were out, a wolf lunged at Claire.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Love Thief

The Love Thief by Daisy Jerico was recently released by Prism Book Group, and is available directly from the publisher or through Amazon in ebook for just $.99.
Here’s a sneak peek.
When the jewelry gallery she works at is robbed, Sandra is not just the prime suspect; she is the only suspect. Desperate to clear her name, she reluctantly agrees to work with sexy former jewel thief, Alex Daniels, to recover the jewelry and catch a thief.

He reminds her of the men who lounge half-naked across Ferraris in fragrance ads, aloof and confident in their looks. Alex can't believe anyone as naive and trusting as Sandra can be for real. Thrown together to solve the robbery, Alex feels his heart begin to thaw towards Sandra. As his feelings become stronger, Alex must ask her to rekindle a romance to her recently paroled ex-boyfriend, who holds the key to solving the robbery.

In the end, Sandra must decide if it is more important to clear her name or follow her heart.

For more on Daisy visit her at

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shrouded In Secrets Reviewed by Coffee Time Romance

The following review was posted to the Coffee Time Romance and More site, and I wanted to share it. Thank You! 

ISBN: 978-1-940099-08-8
August 2013 Prism Book Group
E-Book $ 3.99
330 Pages
Suspense/Action Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups 

Cash Luker is a CIA agent that has been thrown into a situation that is total chaos. Ancient relics are being stolen and people are being killed for them. Many legends say that these relics in the wrong hands can cause total destruction.  

Cash has a team of people from many parts of the world and expertise backgrounds working with him, as well as his best friend and her sister. They need to stop these terrorists before more people get hurt or killed. 

Cash soon finds out who is responsible for all the killing and destruction, a person he never would have thought of. Can he find peace with the past in order to move forward into a future without guilt or remorse, embarking on a new journey with the woman who, through all this craziness, has captured his heart?  

Wow, tons of excitement all over the globe. Shrouded In Secrets has tons of adventure and mystery surrounding old legends. A diverse group of characters make this story capture your attention and keep you turning the pages. If you are ready for a mind adventure, go grab a copy today. 

Matilda Reviewer for CoffeeTime Romance & More 

For the original review or to see other reviews, visit:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday: A Grizzly Affair

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for January 12, 2014. The six paragraphs below from Big Horn Storm, describe one of Niki’s more minor incidents she experiences while trying to elude a deadly enemy, protect neighbors and family, reconnect with her childhood infatuation, and survive. For trivia, travel, cheap and free ebooks, and updates on my adventures in life and in fiction, please follow me on twitter at

The days were still long and the sun hadn’t quite set, giving Niki plenty of light as she rode toward the chaotic noise. The normally fifteen minute ride, took her less than ten. She crested the hill and didn’t slow as Joe’s old horse bolted past her on its way back to camp. The sheep were running in every direction and Gracie and Stella were barking wildly, hair standing up on their backs, holding their ground between a prone Joe and an angry three-hundred pound grizzly.
Niki wished she had grabbed her rifle, but her reaction to the sure knowledge that Joe was in trouble was so immediate and instinctive, she had left without thinking. She screamed as she raced toward the melee, but doubted the bear or the dogs could hear her over the pandemonium.
Suddenly Gracie went airborne as the bear’s paw connected with her body. The dog flipped end-over-end several times. She landed hard and yelped, but jumped up and raced back into the fray. Niki barely registered Joe struggling to get to his feet and retreat as she neared the scene, her concentration solely on the bear.
Stella circled behind the bear and nipped as its back leg. The bear swung around and lashed out, barely missing the determined dog. Stella ran backwards, never taking her focus off the bear, drawing the large animal further from Joe, who had managed to grab hold of Gracie to keep the injured dog from going back into the fight. Stella continued to taunt the bear, pulling it further and further from Joe and Gracie, but in its frenzied dodging of the deadly claws the dog had allowed itself to be backed against several large boulders.
Niki realized in dawning horror that the dog had no way to escape and no hope. As much as the thought of losing Stella broke her heart, she knew if Stella were killed there would be nothing to keep the bear from turning back on Joe. She had to stall and hope Deuce and Frank would arrive soon. She had no doubt they were on the way.
She screamed even louder and guided Storm straight for the bear. The bear looked away from Stella and stood frozen for a moment as the distance between it and the huge horse quickly closed. Niki was less than thirty yards from the bear, Storm giving no indication he would back down. She was still screaming wildly and Storm was running full out when the animal turned and dashed off into the trees.
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Witches and Fools

December marked the release of two exciting new books from Prism Book Group, Fools Gold by Lynn Lovegreen and Witcha’be by Anna Kittrell. Continue reading for a taste of these two tantalizing treats. Enjoy! 

Fools Gold (YA/Historical/Romance)
Alaska's gold rush is no place for a lady, but that doesn't scare Ellie Webster. Ellie travels with her younger brother to the wilds of the Klondike gold rush to save the family farm. She’s prepared for hardship on the trail, but not for the sparkling blue eyes of Duke Masterson, a charming saloonkeeper. And Duke is surprised to find that Ellie and her apple pies are more valuable to him than all the gold nuggets in Skagway, Alaska. Now if he could only overcome Ellie’s fear of losing her newly-found independence and win her heart. Together they must defeat the conman corrupting the town and make their fortunes before the last steamship of the season heads south.

Witcha'be (YA/ Suspense/Christian)
New to the small community of Redbend, Molly Sanders is delighted when she and Lenni Flemming become instant friends during the final weeks of her first Oklahoma summer. However, Bianca Ravenwood, Lenni’s best friend and self-proclaimed witch in training, is less than thrilled. In fact, she’s cursing mad, vowing to destroy Molly while honing her craft in the halls of Redbend High School.
Molly’s new school becomes a waking nightmare as Bianca, beautiful wannabe witch, targets her in a jealous rage. Plagued by terrifying, inexplicable occurrences and an embarrassing case of panic-induced hiccups, Molly is unable to escape Bianca’s snare.
But if Bianca refuses to back down and Molly refuses to stand up, not only will Molly lose the best friend she’s ever had…she may also lose her sanity.
Only $3.99 on Amazon!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hooked and Gutted Like a Fish

MFRW Authors Blog
Welcome to Marketing For Romance Writers’ Book Hooks blog hop for January 8.  I hope these few sentences from my newest release, Shrouded in Secrets, are enough to hook you.

Excerpt from Shrouded In Secrets 

“I’m disappointed. I had hoped to have the opportunity to test my new fillet knife on Cash,” she said as she turned the dagger’s hilt in her hand. “Men, should I gut this thin man and feed him to the sharks, as he tried to do with us, or let him live long enough to tell that egotistical traitor how he lost the prize, and was beaten by a ghost?”

Silence filled the room. Pete felt powerless to pull his gaze from the green-eyed devil. A sliver of hope trickled through him, mixed with a lot of confusion. She knew Cash. Though Pete heard nothing, the woman responded as if she had received an answer to her question from the person behind her.

“Yes. We might as well kill him.” 


The massacre of an unarmed South American village, destruction of one of the greatest manmade wonders of the world, and multiple museum thefts ignite a desperate scramble to locate a deadly group of terrorists. An international team led by the ruggedly handsome, but emotionally scarred CIA agent, Cash Luker, scours the globe in an attempt to keep ahead of those striving to bring thirteen mythical relics together. As Cash’s team closes in on those responsible for the devastation he must conquer past demons in order to save the woman who has captured his heart and prevent destruction of legendary proportions. 

For trivia, reviews, and general information on all my adventure novels, follow me on twitter at I Hope you enjoy the adventure.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shrouded In Secrets - Sneak Peek Sunday

Welcome to the first Sneak Peek Sunday in 2014. Please enjoy a mere six paragraphs, hence a “sneak peek,” from my newest release, Shrouded in Secrets. For trivia, travel, cheap and free ebooks, and updates on my adventures in life and in fiction, follow me on twitter at

Asháninka Village, remote jungle in Peru
Kokush inhaled the smoke from his pipe and forced the intoxicating tobacco deep into his lungs. Still, no clear visions penetrated the fog, only a feeling of dread he could not explain or expel from his mind.
The Asháninka men, bodies painted and seated on woven mats around their revered shaman, passed a hollowed-out gourd filled with thick, bitter liquid. Each man sipped the hallucinogenic drug made from a native vine and handed the bowl to the next, until the syrup was gone.
A low beat from the two-headed monkey-skin drum grew louder as a melancholy mantra emanated from the group, drowning out the deafening hum of the nighttime insects. The men rose and continued to chant and sing as they began the ancestral dance used to encourage the spirits and wise supernatural beings to communicate with Kokush. The women joined in, the ground vibrating in response to the rhythmic stomping of their feet, while the children watched from under the raised-floor houses encircling the communal area.
Flames blazed in the center of the ceremonial grounds, casting an unnatural glow over the dancers and eerie shadows skittered through the trees. A sweet smoke from the wood and herbs burning on the fire filled their nostrils, coaxing the participants into a trance-like state of mind. Moving with a graceful ease made possible by the intoxicating effect of the vine and tobacco, they waited for their ancestors to speak.
As the shaman often did, Kokush slipped silently from the circle, giving his people the illusion he had vanished and joined the spirit world. He had been taught the art of disappearing by his grandfather, which wasn’t difficult once his audience succumbed to the drugs and got caught up in the ceremonial fervor, and the thick smoke created a hazy curtain to conceal his movements.
He usually used the tactic to reinforce to the villagers that he possessed special powers and was worthy of being their spiritual leader. Tonight, he needed time to organize his thoughts and try to decide what to do. He didn’t want to frighten his people, but he was certain something evil would soon descend upon them. Unsure of what or when, how could he warn them? His gut told him they should flee, but he didn’t know how soon or how far they needed to run…
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Natural Progression of a Novelist

I just released my eighth book (seventh novel), Shrouded In Secrets. I’m very proud of the finished product and I hope readers will agree that it is an exciting well-written adventure.  Shrouded In Secrets is the culmination of many years of hard work, a lot of learning along the way, and the dedicated editorial efforts of a wonderful publisher. 

When my first novel, The Lodge, came out a decade ago I was thrilled. The cover was so beautiful it nearly made me cry when I held it in my hands and gazed lovingly at the magnificent artwork, and at the time it was my best work and I still believe it has merit. When I read it now, though, I can pick out a number of things I would do differently today, but that’s the natural progression of a novelist, to learn from ones mistakes to enable each book to be better than the last. 

Since publication of TheLodge I’ve learned a great deal about voice, point of view, pace, and the importance of a good editor (I’m apparently not the infallible grammarian I once thought I was). The improvement between each of my early novels was significant. After nearly fifteen years of writing, the improvements are more subtle from book to book and the determination today of which novel is my “best” novel is probably more a matter of taste. I’ve also learned about my niche. The Lodge is a cozy mystery, the traditional “who done it?” Its sequel, Deadly Ruins, made it immediately clear that I was more attuned to suspense and my work has continued to evolve happily and comfortably into adventure suspense with elements of romance.  

So for those who follow my work, I hope you can appreciate the progression, growth, and evolution of my novels. But, most of all I hope you enjoy the adventures whether at a lodge in Alaska, the mountains of Wyoming, the deserts of the American Southwest, the jungles of Mexico, or throughout an epic jaunt around the world.