Saturday, January 25, 2014

Better She Love and a FREE Silver Sage Creek Novel

This isn’t just another book release announcement, but rather a chance to get to know author, Judy Baker, and an opportunity to receive a free copy of one of her Silver Sage Creek Novels.  Welcome Judy, thank you for stopping by, and the floor is yours!
Thank you Kim for inviting me to announce Book 3 in the Silver Sage Creek novels, Better She Love, now available.
 I’ve been intrigue with the West from an early age, maybe because I was a Tennessean and watched westerns on the television with my daddy, especially Rawhide starring Clint Eastwood. Now I enjoy writing historical westerns, except I’d rather have more romance in my western stories than those early shows – like Kevin Costner and Annette Bening in Open Range – love that movie. I do hope you enjoy reading the Silver Sage Creek novels and would love to hear from you.

To kick off my new release, I am giving away an ebook of either Better She Die Book One, or Better She Live Book Two to anyone who e-mails me for a copy when they order Better She Love. Just go to and contact me through my website.

Book Three - Better She Love


How can she compare the Comanche half-breed’s kisses to the man she’s going to marry, when he had only kissed her on the cheek?



Dr. Millicent’s family never spoke the word love. When she travels to a quaint western town in Texas, and within a few days, she hears the word often from a father she never knew, and a mother she thought dead. After a short time on the ranch, she has doubts about returning to her life in Atlanta? How can she give in to her grandmother’s demands, go back, and marry someone she doesn’t love?

When Sam Coulson meets the high society, prim and proper doctor, he doesn’t think she can fit into the rude, crude and untamed life of the west. But, a vision of her saving him, and her stubborn independence, draws him in until she owns his heart.

Can a kiss, a flashflood rescue, a shooting, and a mad rabid wolf, chase her into the arms of a Comanche half-breed, and convince her she belongs with him?

Book One - Better She Die

With her half-breed son and her abdomen growing with child, returning to the white man society is a struggle, even with the Ranger’s help.



Book Two - Better She Live

A saloon woman…alone…unloved, and yet, surrounded by love




I wish all of Kim’s friends a very enjoyable New Year. 



  1. Thanks Kim, I enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing my new release. Judy

  2. My dad loved the old spaghetti westerns. They weren't really what the west was like but a lot of fun. Best of luck with your latest release!