Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deadly Exodus Sneak Peek

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for January 19, 2014. The six paragraphs below are from Deadly Exodus (Desperate Dreams). I hope you enjoy this snippet, and it whets your appetite for more. Please follow me on twitter at for cheap and free ebooks, new releases, and updates on my adventures in life and in fiction, please follow me on twitter. 

Nyla watched as Ethan quickly extracted a knife from his pocket and secured the blade to the end of the stick, making a spear. Just as he finished wrapping the string and tying it off, Nyla spotted the two shapes re-emerging from the shadows, this time from behind.

“Behind us,” she hissed as the group whirled around to meet their enemy.

Ethan tried to shine his light in their eyes, but this time the wolves kept their eyes diverted and began circling the group.

“Huddle up, backs together,” Ethan whispered.

The wolves paced slowly and methodically, moving in closer with each circuit around the group, spacing themselves so the potential meal was sandwiched between them.

“Claire and Jared, stay focused on the animal closest to you no matter what you hear from us. Nyla and I will concentrate on this one. If we lose our focus on one, it will expose our flank. That’s probably their plan—one strikes and the other attacks from behind when everyone’s attention is diverted.”

The moment the words were out, a wolf lunged at Claire.

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