Friday, January 10, 2014

Witches and Fools

December marked the release of two exciting new books from Prism Book Group, Fools Gold by Lynn Lovegreen and Witcha’be by Anna Kittrell. Continue reading for a taste of these two tantalizing treats. Enjoy! 

Fools Gold (YA/Historical/Romance)
Alaska's gold rush is no place for a lady, but that doesn't scare Ellie Webster. Ellie travels with her younger brother to the wilds of the Klondike gold rush to save the family farm. She’s prepared for hardship on the trail, but not for the sparkling blue eyes of Duke Masterson, a charming saloonkeeper. And Duke is surprised to find that Ellie and her apple pies are more valuable to him than all the gold nuggets in Skagway, Alaska. Now if he could only overcome Ellie’s fear of losing her newly-found independence and win her heart. Together they must defeat the conman corrupting the town and make their fortunes before the last steamship of the season heads south.

Witcha'be (YA/ Suspense/Christian)
New to the small community of Redbend, Molly Sanders is delighted when she and Lenni Flemming become instant friends during the final weeks of her first Oklahoma summer. However, Bianca Ravenwood, Lenni’s best friend and self-proclaimed witch in training, is less than thrilled. In fact, she’s cursing mad, vowing to destroy Molly while honing her craft in the halls of Redbend High School.
Molly’s new school becomes a waking nightmare as Bianca, beautiful wannabe witch, targets her in a jealous rage. Plagued by terrifying, inexplicable occurrences and an embarrassing case of panic-induced hiccups, Molly is unable to escape Bianca’s snare.
But if Bianca refuses to back down and Molly refuses to stand up, not only will Molly lose the best friend she’s ever had…she may also lose her sanity.
Only $3.99 on Amazon!


  1. I recently read "Fools Gold" and really enjoyed it! Now I have a strange craving for apple pie...

  2. Thank you so much, Kim for announcing Witcha'be's arrival. I loved writing this book, and hope with all my heart that people will enjoy reading it. And thanks to everyone for the support and kind words :)

  3. These stories will reach deep into your heart and pluck strings.

  4. Prism Book Group appears to be gathering a collection of authors who have distinctive styles, proving that romance and women's fiction can embrace many diverse plots. Congratulations! Bonnie McCune, Author