Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Picking Daisy

I’m pleased to welcome Kimberly Miller to my blog. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their two children, and a cat who barely tolerates them. By day, Kimberly teaches film and writing courses, but at night she enjoys reading, watching movies, making jewelry, and baking and eating desserts that mainly consist of chocolate. Kimberly has recently released her debut novel, Picking Daisy. I’ve included a blurb and excerpt below for her highly rated clean romance novel. I hope you will check out her new release. You can learn more about Kimberly on her website at http://millerkm.weebly.com/ or at her blog
https://kimberlymmiller.wordpress.com/. Click here  or on the book title above to be taken directly to her novel on Amazon.

Daisy Parker isn’t the woman that rock star Robby Grant would have imagined himself falling for. She’s soft-spoken, sweet, and lives by a strange code the struggling musician is recognizing as Biblical.
And he’s helpless against it.
Even if Daisy is hard-pressed to believe that a man like Robby would see her—a woman long forgotten by the rest of the world—as anything more than a step back to his career.
But Robby challenges Daisy in ways she’d long avoided.
With their mutual love of music, it seems nothing can separate them—not Daisy’s wheelchair or Robby’s ego.
As Robby grows into the man he’s long dreamed of being, Daisy dares to trust again. But will this sweet melody last?

Daisy cursed her wheelchair, reaching for the phone that Robby held out of her grasp. Clearly, he was angry too. His face grew redder with each second. Would he hit her?
“Since it’s all over the news, I’ll bet you know I’ve been in rehab six times. Impressive, huh? Six?! And this last one was nothing to sneeze at. I lost my girlfriend, my friends, and even most of my family. Now, my career is shot until I come up with something...and I am not about to stop until I get back on that stage again. If I can’t control anything else in my life at least I can try to take back what’s left of my career. But I’m on a timeline. And you will help me.”
The rage in his eyes should have scared her, but Daisy refused to be intimidated. Her ex-boyfriend was worse. She just wished she could knee Robby in a place that would jerk him back to reality. She managed to glare instead.
“Maybe you should take a deep breath and come up with a plan that doesn’t include me.”  She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at Robby defiantly, trying to ignore that he truly was a very handsome man with a commanding presence. The clarity in his eyes and the muscles in his arms both surprised and unsettled her. A scrawny, weak, and strung-out Robby she’d have expected and could have handled. This man was unexpectedly healthy, yet he was also angry, hurt, and alone. She saw it in his eyes. And she realized what was happening.
“I’m stuck…” Robby said weakly. “This is exactly what I need…”

Oh, no, Lord, Daisy pleaded silently. I can’t even help myself. How am I supposed to help him? And yet no answer came. But even in the silence, Daisy understood.

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