Thursday, December 7, 2017

Complex #Cuba

Es complicado. You hear that a lot in Cuba and it’s a pretty accurate assessment of the culture and politics of this country. The streets in the major cities are filled with brightly colored classic American cars, but under the hood many have a mismatched assortment of replacement parts, including engines, that are everything but American. From the smallest village to Havana you’ll also see an eclectic mix of horse drawn conveyances. The colonial architecture is abundant and beautiful, but most buildings are in a severe state of disrepair with no funds available for restoration. The locals I visited with touted their free health care and education. The literacy rate in Cuba far surpasses most other countries in the region. In some respects, I looked around and thought that life is much better than we’ve been led to believe. Then I remind myself of the lives lost trying to cross a hundred miles of open ocean to reach Florida, so life, at least for some, is not good. It’s clear that the country is changing, many claim not quickly enough, but then again, it’s complicated. 

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