Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Excerpt for Desperate Dreams

As Nyla watched Ethan snuff out the candle and flick on his flashlight a wave of panic hit her, making her feel nauseous. If they made a mistake they might not just be captured, they could be killed. In fact, there was very little doubt in her mind that Ethan and Jared would be executed if caught. The authorities had zero tolerance for males who broke the law.
Claire snatched the flashlight out of Ethan’s hand and started toward the cave’s mouth. Nyla knew her friend was anxious to leave since Claire had always been a bit claustrophobic and no huge fan of the dark. Like Claire, Nyla wanted to get out of the cave and start putting the past behind them, but doubts plagued her. She grabbed Ethan and Jared by the arm. Both stopped and turned to look at her.
“If we get caught, Claire and I will be sent to the Facility, but you two probably won’t fare so well,” Nyla whispered.
“We know. They won’t be bringing us back here alive,” Ethan stated as Jared nodded in agreement.
Nyla fought the urge to vomit. The realization of just how much was at stake hit her like a sucker punch to the gut. She was unable to move and had to fight to breathe. She could feel darkness closing in around her. Just as Nyla felt her knees give way, Ethan’s arm slid around her waist, bracing her up. In the growing darkness, she couldn’t imagine how he knew she was about to collapse, but somehow he did.

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  1. thanks for playing! Great excerpt. Sounds very exciting!