Friday, June 22, 2012

The Lodge Excerpt

The clock showed 8:20 and Roland still hadn't shown up. Edward continued to pace, the employees fidgeted and the guests began to get restless.  Kay’s stomach growled in protest as her mind sent it messages about the pending crab.  She kept thinking about all that good food getting cold and silently cursed Roland for being so inconsiderate.  She had practically starved herself all day in anticipation of the party.  Despite Rob being so near, all she could think about was food.
Roland was never late on a movie night.  Edward could take it no longer and asked if someone would go see what was keeping him. Tony volunteered, uncharacteristically, to go to the old man’s cabin.  Tony had been gone for what felt like an eternity.  As the minutes ticked by Edward became convinced that something was wrong.
Just as he started for the door to check it out for himself, Tony ran back into the room out of breath, ghostly pale, and mumbling frantic indecipherable words. Edward tried to calm him down enough to understand what he was trying to say.  Tony gasped for breath.  He looked frightened and the trembling knees supporting the massive man looked dangerously close to collapse.  Edward pulled up a chair and helped Tony ease into it.  Edward motioned for everyone to step back and be quiet.  He talked to Tony in calm simple sentences.  After gentle coaxing, the words, he's dead, fell like a brick on the silent group of people staring intently at the terrified giant in front of them.

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