Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deadly Ruins

A once in a lifetime treasure hunt is a dream come true for archeology intern, Kay Gerard. On the fringes of the ancient Mayan city of Cobá, Kay and her mentor begin excavating two remote temples. The treks into the site reveal the local population’s curious ties to the ruins and Kay’s interactions with the people they encounter, especially the children, are unnerving, yet she ignores the ominous feelings due to the excitement of the dig. As they get close to entering one of the temples they collide with dangerous looters, forcing Kay to flee into the jungle. The more desperate her situation becomes, the more determined she is to survive and soon finds herself in a situation with no other option except to fight for her life in the Deadly Ruins of Mexico’s unforgiving jungle.

            As the sun set the evening transformation began at its usual pace.  The jaguar god allowed itself one last glimpse before descending into the mouth of the cave and entering Xibalba, the place of fright.  He sensed that the conscious world was out of balance and its dwellers would soon be joining his flight through the nine-tiered underworld, their souls desperate to escape.
He had made this trek many times and was confident that he would be reborn at dawn.  The lost souls would not be so lucky.  They would dwell in this place wrought with danger and peril until they were able to traverse the nine levels.  If they failed to elude the evils of Xibalba, they would be forced to spend eternity trapped in the Mayan underworld.
The jaguar god watched the earthly struggle for survival play out between unlikely foes.  He felt no emotion, and even if he did, he would be unable to alter the outcome.  Once the threads had begun to unravel, no being, mortal or otherwise, would be able to challenge destiny and only the chosen ones would emerge from the haunted galleries of the Mayan jungle.

Tune in tomorrow for the first chapter of Deadly Ruins.

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