Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Novel

After the last post, I thought it might not hurt to provide a little information on a couple of my earlier books since I’ve been pretty obsessed this past year with my two latest releases. The Lodge, the first novel I ever wrote, is the first in a two-book series with Deadly Ruins being the second.  Below is the back cover blurb and over the next couple days I’ll post an excerpt or two and then move on to Deadly Ruins. The Lodge is only available through

The lodge is everything Kay Gerard has dreamed of and more.  But as the tranquil beauty of the remote setting begins to work its magic on her tortured soul, a guest is brutally murdered.  Isolation and lack of law enforcement on the island heighten the fear and distrust felt by employees and guests.  Existence at the lodge takes a sinister turn as everyone tries to cope with the knowledge that a murderer must live among them. While doing her job and trying to support her uncle, Kay discovers a damaging piece of evidence and is drawn into a deadly quest for answers.  Despite efforts to distance herself from the case, she is thrust into a dangerous situation that pushes her to her limits.

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