Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hooked on Danger and Forbidden Love

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Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop. I hope you enjoy this eight-sentence teaser from my dystopian adventure romance novel, Deadly Exodus (now only $0.99). Click on another great writer in the Linky List below to check out more book hooks.


The sound of boots pounding overhead took Nyla’s breath away. The women left the bridge and scrambled down the bank. Once they reached the creek bed and turned the light under the bridge, it would be all over. Nyla wondered if Ethan and Jared would be executed on the spot or if they would at least be taken back to stand trial. The thought of losing Ethan terrified her. She slipped out from behind him and positioned her body in front of his. He tried to push her back, but she refused to budge. If they were going shoot Ethan, they would have to go through her. 


Their love is forbidden…their lives in danger…

Trapped in a dystopian America where men are being exterminated and relationships are forbidden, Nyla is determined to change the course of her future and protect Ethan. Fleeing means abandoning her grandmother and imprisoned mother, but Nyla and her friends will do anything to escape an authoritarian government which has stolen their freedom and prohibits personal expression of any kind.

Desperate and dreaming of a new life, the group makes a run for the Mexican border through the inhospitable Big Bend region of Texas. Persistent patrols track and corner them, while a vast and desolate landscape inhabited by brazen predators tests their ability to survive.

Will they live to realize their dreams of a new life and a chance at love?


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