Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adventure Boxed Set Sneak Peek

Welcome to Sneak Peak Sunday for April 6, 2014. Sneak Peek Sunday is a weekly blog hop that allows readers to sample six paragraphs of an author’s novel. This week I may be stretching the rules a bit. A Kindle Boxed Set of three of my novels was recently released, so instead of providing a six-paragraph sneak peek at one novel, I’m sharing two paragraphs from each of the three novels included in the Boxed Set, Marked In Mexico (54 Amazon reviews averaging 4.4), Big Horn Storm (21 Amazon reviews averaging 4.6), and Deadly Exodus (12 Amazon reviews averaging 4.9), along with blurbs. The set is available on Amazon for one low price of just $3.99.

Marked In Mexico

Under any other circumstance the words, “kill another person,” at the end of a sentence would have terrified her, but the way Jack said it only made her heart ache. He had killed before, but it clearly hadn’t been easy and he obviously hadn’t gotten over it. 

Jessica took his hands in hers and turned them over. They were large and rough. He’d carried no weapon, so he obviously could have killed the man with his bare hands. Whenever he touched her, he was so gentle she just couldn’t believe it was possible. Though he had done nothing but try to protect Megan and her, there was clearly much more to Jack than he had shared and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the rest of his story, but felt the need to truly understand his pain. 


When hostages are taken at one of Mexico’s most popular Mayan ruins an idyllic Caribbean vacation turns deadly. The kidnappers believe the abduction will be a simple way to negotiate the release of a colleague from a Texas prison, but matters become complicated and the stakes much higher when they realize one of their hostages is the daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator and another is an ex-Army Ranger who has no intention of playing by the rules. 

Big Horn Storm

Her eyes darted from man to man. She scanned the area and noted that she was still very close to the edge of the ravine. Niki could feel the big horse quiver beneath her and tense, ready to spring at the slightest provocation. She gripped Storm’s sides with her legs and grasped the saddle horn. One man pulled a pistol out of its holster. She doubted he intended to shoot her yet—instant death would be too quick, easy, and preferable. Niki feared he planned to take out her only mode of escape. She couldn’t allow her beloved horse to be shot at point blank range, but most importantly, she couldn’t be delayed too long or she doubted her grandfather would survive. 

With a prayer and a swift kick, Niki informed Storm it was time to run for their lives. The horse sensed the danger and cleared the edge of the ravine before the men could react. Niki held on as tight as she could and leaned back to help the horse keep his balance as he lunged down the slope. Rocks dislodged under the fury of his churning hooves as he barreled down the embankment.  


A too-close-to-home military crisis, a traumatic accident, and a terrifying bear encounter high in the mountains—to expect help is a delusion no one can afford if they hope to survive. Hunted and pushed higher into the backcountry, and with a storm brewing in the Big Horns, can the rugged rancher and the sheepherder’s granddaughter endure the wrath of ruthless invaders, conquer the forces of nature, and rekindle lost love? 

Deadly Exodus

Nyla watched as Ethan quickly extracted a knife from his pocket and secured the blade to the end of the stick, making a spear. Just as he finished wrapping the string and tying it off, Nyla spotted the two shapes re-emerging from the shadows, this time from behind.

“Behind us,” she hissed as the group whirled around to meet their enemy.


Their love is forbidden…their lives in danger…

Trapped in a dystopian America where men are being exterminated and relationships are forbidden, Nyla is determined to change the course of her future and protect Ethan. Fleeing means abandoning her grandmother and imprisoned mother, but Nyla and her friends will do anything to escape an authoritarian government which has stolen their freedom and prohibits personal expression of any kind.

Desperate and dreaming of a new life, the group makes a run for the Mexican border through the inhospitable Big Bend region of Texas. Persistent patrols track and corner them, while a vast and desolate landscape inhabited by brazen predators tests their ability to survive.

Will they live to realize their dreams of a new life and a chance at love?

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  1. Loved all three snippets. Big Horn Storm is a real nail biter. Congratulations on your boxed Kindle set being released!

  2. Thanks Cathy and Delynn for stopping by. Hope you had a great weekend