Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Authors Blogging on Adventure Inspired Writing

Embrace Adventure – the word adventure usually conjures up visions of fun and excitement, but adventure is anything that exposes us to something new, often pushing the limits of our comfort zone. So, beginning this weekend, with posts changing every couple of days, I will be hosting guest authors who will be sharing how the adventures in their lives have inspired them and their writing.  So please join us as we explore the gamut of life’s adventures.


  1. Kim, this sounds wonderful. I'd love to contribute a blog--I've had quite a few adventures in my life and most of them have appeared in 1 form or another in my books (although my characters always end up in Paris...wonder why that is?). My email is if you have space. Meredith/M. S. Spencer

  2. “I think that there is only one way to science—or to philosophy, for that matter: to meet a problem, to see its beauty and fall in love with it; to get married to it and to live with it happily, till death do ye part—unless you should meet another and even more fascinating problem or unless, indeed, you should obtain a solution. But even if you do obtain a solution, you may then discover, to your delight, the existence of a whole family of enchanting, though perhaps difficult, problem children . . .” —Karl Popper, "Realism and the Aim of Science" (1983). See also Popper's autobiography, "Unending Quest".