Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fabulous Final Four

Here’s the last of my blog posts featuring the fabulous final four of Gay N. Lewis’s Sarah series. I hope you found a respite from the madness in these delightful happily-ever-after tales of romance and mischief.

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A double wedding? Was it possible? 
The Superiors want Jessica and Robert to marry, but they throw in a twist--while seeing to their wedding, Sarah, Heaven’s Little Love Angel, must also find a mate for Bonnie, Jessica’s mom. Her orders are to bring about the two weddings simultaneously. 
Can Sarah pull it off? Or will her clumsiness destroy two romances in one shot?

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This book takes the two novellas, Date for Mackenzie and Family Affair and combines them. Again, these two books contain the same characters but they are both stand alone.

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Sarah, the haphazard angel, returns to Texas. Her mission this time is to bring comfort to a young woman who is about to receive devastating news. Sarah brings comfort, gets caught in a freak snowstorm, and introduces Emily to a wealthy Texas cowboy. In this episode, Sarah gets the job done, but not without plenty of mishap that make the humans laugh as she bumbles her way through Texas.

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Sarah is thrilled beyond words when she receives an assignment to return to Central Texas—the birth place of the first mission of love. On this trip, she is to find a companion for Tom’s mother, Allison. Will sweet Allison survive Sarah’s attempts at matchmaking? Can a widowed pastor’s wife find happiness again? Even though she’s more experienced now, Sarah continues to cause mishaps—and this time they aren’t all by accident! Allison is in for a ride of a lifetime.

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