Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teaser Tuesday - Another Taste of Tragedy

Enjoy another Teaser Tuesday post from A Taste of Tragedy

“Are we looking for someone who is trying to steal the products and procedures and eventually introduce them to the market as their own? Or do we think someone wants to keep the products out of production and off the market?” one of the other agents asked.
“We’re not sure. Either way, someone is apparently trying to manipulate the forty to one hundred billion dollar-a-year diet product industry in the U.S., which would obviously impact other developed countries around the world as well.”
Devyn returned to her chair and took a long gulp of coffee. She scanned the room and could see she had everyone’s attention. Not only had they verified crimes had been committed, rather than just a series of unfortunate accidents, she had given them the link binding the crimes and companies together.
“So, all we have to do is find out who wants to make America skinny or keep it fat, and who’s willing to kill for the honor. No problem,” Sacramento sneered.
“It’s more than we’ve had. At least we’re investigating now, and we will be working together and cooperating fully with each other—Dick, is it?”
“I go by Richard.”
A kick in the shin under the table from Nick warned Devyn not to pursue the exchange. Their boss had ordered her to play nice with the other agents, or else. She ground her teeth together and shrugged her shoulders, silently counting to ten for the second time in the last half an hour.

“That’s all we have so far. Until very recently, no one agreed with me that the best and brightest in the scientific world weren’t just a bunch of accident-prone, bumbling oafs and that something far more deadly was at work.”

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