Monday, February 1, 2016

Nuggets From Life in Fiction – Human Sacrifices

“The last stop on the tour will be at the sacred well. The sacred well is a sinkhole about sixty-five feet across and is located a half mile from here. Legend is that the sacred well was used for human sacrifices. Skeletons of about fifty people have been found at the bottom, giving credibility to the story. It’s a magnificent feature of the ruins, but if anyone is not up for the hike, you can wait here or meet us back at the bus.”

This tour guide spiel in Marked In Mexico is close to the narrative I heard while visiting the sacred well at Chichén Itza in Mexico many years ago. Chichén Itza is home to some of the most magnificent Mayan ruins I’ve ever seen and a perfect place for the action, adventure, and danger to begin in Marked In Mexico. 

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