Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nuggets From Life in Fiction – Whiteout Driving

Grace Talbot gripped the steering wheel of her white four-wheel-drive truck. Every muscle in her body tensed as she leaned closer to the windshield, straining her eyes, searching the blowing snow for the reflector poles, which lined the road, or for any tire track, which would indicate someone else had driven through recently.

Traveling the remote rural Wyoming road in a blizzard was risky, and she would have avoided such a stupid act if her Uncle Moss weren’t in the hospital fighting for his life and Butch, his only hired ranch hand, weren’t dead.

This scene and chapter from A Dose of Danger was based on an early morning drive on the same mountain road, but thankfully the reason wasn’t to respond to a tragedy, but to rendezvous with family for a Christmas morning celebration. Where Grace is forced to chain up, we had snowmobiles waiting at the road closure parking lot to enable us to snowmobile the rest of the way to our destination shown in the accompanying photo.  Remembering that morning drive enabled me to write this chapter in a matter of minutes.  

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