Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Collection - Part 1

I’ve never considered myself a collector. In fact, I find myself trying to downsize at every opportunity. But, my one exception, quite by accident, is Nativity scenes. I’m now up to six and each one has a special meaning. The first year I was married my mom got me the core group, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus for Christmas, and each year thereafter she got me another piece until the company discontinued the line. My second set took me a week of negotiating while in Ecuador to get the price of the hand-carved set down to an affordable price. The third was passed down from my grandma and has extra special memories. I received a small colorful set from a friend, another my husband found at a yard sale when I wasn’t with him and he picked up knowing how much I love Nativity scenes, and another my mom and I got in Mexico while on a volunteer work trip. So, this holiday season, I’m sharing some of my cherished treasures, starting with the set that always adorned my grandma’s house and brings back fond childhood Christmas memories. 

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