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Knight of Dreams

I’m pleased to introduce Sharon McGregor. Sharon is a prairie girl who has been working her way west to escape the cold. She now lives on beautiful Vancouver Island. She hasn't escaped her roots, though, as her romances are set in small town North America. When not writing or reading, she operates a shave ice concession with her daughter and follows her grandchildren's athletic endeavors. She has a constant battle with her cat Zoey for control of her computer keyboard. Sharon loves to write romance, mystery and humor, if possible all three at the same time.
Fiona's Knight of Dreams is Sharon’s latest release. We thought we’d try something a little different and do a character interview so the reader can get to know the entertaining heroine, Fiona.
Interviewer:  Fiona, we're so glad you could stop in for a visit today to talk about what it was like to live in Timber in 1947. Would you like a cold drink? Maybe some iced tea?
Fiona (with a slight shudder): Anything but that. The last time I tried iced tea, it ended in disaster. I'm still trying to live it down.
Interviewer: We'll settle for cola then. How is your job going as Timber librarian?
Fiona: Part time librarian. Miss McPherson hasn't totally retired yet so I only work three days a week. It's a nice job and I love being around books. I just don't know if it has a future for me. Sighs. I'm still waiting for my knight in shining armour to ride up, throw me in front of his pommel, and take me away to a world of adventure, but all I do is read about it.
Interviewer: What sort of books do you like reading?
Fiona:  Romances, biographies and mysteries of course. I love the Perry Mason stories. I actually found a mystery in a library book this week. I should say we did. Charles, er Reverend. Redpath, and I are trying to solve the mystery, but I'd love to show him up and find the answer before he does.
Interviewer: Don't you like Reverend Redpath?
Fiona: Oh it's not that. He's quite nice really, for a minister. He has lovely brown eyes and this way of looking at you....
Interviewer: So, do you plan to stay a librarian?
Fiona:  Probably. I can't think of anything I'd rather do. If I tried to be a nurse, I'd probably kill half my patients, I'm so accident prone. And teaching?  My friend Katy is going to Normal School to be a teacher but I could never do that.  I guess I'll just remain where I am.
Interviewer: I bet your mother is hoping you'll get married and give her grandchildren.
Fiona:  I'm afraid she does. But Bertie my brother is going to get married and he can be the one to give her grandchildren. I want to live a life of adventure and romance. Of course, my friends are starting families now. Jill has a baby and Diane is getting married this summer. But that's not for me.
Interviewer: What about this Reverend Redpath you've been talking about? Is he married?
Fiona:  No. But it won't take the church ladies long to find a wife for him. Everyone with an unmarried daughter keeps inviting him for cream teas. I don't think he'll be able to hold out much longer. She sighs again.
Interviewer: You look as though that depresses you.
Fiona:  Of course not! It's nothing to do with me. It's just that he's so different from all the other ministers I've known.  He doesn't seem to mind that I'm such a klutz and that I've wrecked the parsonage flowers, and nearly burned the church kitchen down and...well, you know.. And he makes me laugh. We had a picnic together last week... Sorry. I shouldn't be talking about him. It's time to go. Thanks for the cola.
Interviewer: Goodbye Fiona. Good luck with your mystery.
Now that you know Fiona, here’s a short blurb, and links to learn more about Sharon and her other work.
The good ladies of 1947 Timber are ready to find a wife for their new single minister.  Charles has ideas of his own when he meets Fiona, the lovely accident-prone and outspoken part-time librarian. Fiona, on the other hand, is holding out for a knight on a white charger to carry her away from her humdrum small town life. Fiona and Charles are thrown together as they begin to solve an old mystery which has turned up in a library book. Will Fiona's white knight ever show up to sweep her away? Will Charles ever run out of invitations for cream cakes and lemon slice? Fiona might just discover the sound of hoof-beats when she least expects it.
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