Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Baxter Road Miracle

Epic eBook Awards 2014 winner, Carlene Havel, has released a new book, Baxter Road Miracle. Carlene writes Christian-themed romances and historical novels. She has lived in Turkey, Republic of the Philippines, and numerous US states. After a career in human resources and software development, she began writing in 2005. Read on for a sneak peak at Baxter Road Miracle and links to her other award winning work, read on.

Can faith move mountains? The Youngbloods are about to find out. 

Henry Youngblood is determined to plant a new church in Buffalo Creek, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife worries about paying the bills. One daughter dreams of a college education she cannot afford, and the other wants nothing more than popularity. It will take a miracle for the Youngblood family’s dreams to come true.


The Scarlet Cord (co-wrote with Sharon Faucheux)

Daughter of the King (co-wrote with Sharon Faucheux)

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