Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hooked on Adventures in Mexico

Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop. Here’s a little teaser from my romantic suspense adventure novel, Marked In Mexico.  This novel has 58 reviews (33 are five star ratings on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars. I hope you enjoy this highly-rated adventure!
Under any other circumstance the words, “kill another person,” at the end of a sentence would have terrified her, but the way Jack said it only made her heart ache. He had killed before, but it clearly hadn’t been easy and he obviously hadn’t gotten over it.

Jessica took his hands in hers and turned them over. They were large and rough. He’d carried no weapon, so he obviously could have killed the man with his bare hands. Whenever he touched her, he was so gentle she just couldn’t believe it was possible. Though he had done nothing but try to protect Megan and her, there was clearly much more to Jack than he had shared and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the rest of his story, but felt the need to truly understand his pain.
When hostages are taken at one of Mexico’s most popular Mayan ruins, an idyllic Caribbean vacation turns deadly. The kidnappers believe the abduction will be a simple way to negotiate the release of a colleague from a Texas prison, but matters become complicated and the stakes much higher when they realize one of their hostages is the daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator and another is an ex-Army Ranger who has no intention of playing by the rules. 

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To download Marked In Mexico, visit the following Amazon or Barnes and Noble links. Last I checked Marked In Mexico was still $0.99, but it is scheduled to be returned to its regular Kindle/Nook price of $3.99 at any time, so please double check the price before buying. 

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  1. I didn't see the teaser but it does sound very exciting. an ex ranger is sure to figure out a rescue for them

    1. Oops, probably should have said, "blurb." Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Intriguing hook today .... l like the sound of the blurb.