Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Right Ingredients

I would like to introduce Inspirational Romance author, Nancy Shew Bolton, and her new release, The Right Ingredients. Please read on to learn more about Nancy and her novel.

Missing the right ingredients for a life of joy, a young baker learns lessons in the true recipe for love. 

Ann’s hectic work responsibilities demand all her time and effort, and what was once a useful, satisfactory life has become a burden. Her bakery partner Susan has lost none of her enthusiasm for their business, and Ann can’t understand her exuberance, or her friend’s Christian faith. So she trudges along, hiding her dissatisfaction from Susan, resigned to a life of work, sleep and problems. 

Unexpected comments offered by two different people cause a crack in Ann’s armor and her thoughts careen into unexpected directions. Attention from a young widower with a son challenges Ann’s resolve to stay safe and uninvolved. Susan’s example of faith through trial furthers Ann’s curiosity about God. Ann must choose to step toward the unfamiliar freedom of giving and receiving love, or stay in the shadows, stuck in the grip of past hurt and long-standing barriers.

Nancy Shew Bolton is a wife of 41 years, mother of five grown sons, and grandmother to a boy and girl. Ever since she learned to write, she would jot down her thoughts and impressions in little snippets of inspiration in the form of poetry, song lyrics, or short essays. About six years ago, she decided to try her hand at writing a full length book. She’s since written five works of fiction, two non-fiction, and is working on an idea for a children’s book, as well as more fiction manuscripts. Writing a full-length work is much more challenging than she thought, and she has received so much valuable assistance from other writers, especially from the ACFW critique groups. Her husband has been supportive of her long hours spent at the keyboard. Many thanks to her beloved Johnny!  What a journey! She thanks God and His Son for her life, her loved ones and the spark of creativity inside every person. She believes each person is a unique creation, with their own special voice and place in this amazing universe. God’s handiwork amazes her every day!


  1. HI there! It's great to see this book here, Nancy. Your book's awesome, by the way! Hi, Kim. :)

  2. "The Right Ingredients" is a fine read - just finished it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sweet love story.

  3. Wow, Nancy, your book sounds amazing! It was great to read about your work, family, and faith.

  4. Thanks, ladies! It's such a blessing to get to know so many other authors and readers who also love God!

  5. As someone who used to enter recipe contests compulsively, as well as someone who always has had a weight problem, I'm in a push-pull situation about food. But a book that couples food with a romance, that can't be beat.