Thursday, September 11, 2014

Garden Tips From Abroad

When I travel I enjoy learning about culture, viewing interesting historic sites and the natural landscape, sampling the local cuisine, and people watching. Part of learning about culture and cuisine can involve getting closer to a countries food source by going to local farmer’s markets and observing gardening techniques. While heading toward the floating market in Thailand I noticed that every home had lovely potted plants on its porch, and a closer look revealed that all the pots contained something edible, mostly herbs, but sometimes there were small variety vegetables as well.  Since then, I’ve brought whatever I could inside before the first freeze and last year most of my herbs, including lemon grass, survived to see another summer season. If I’m going to tend potted plants, why not have edible ones, many are just a lovely as other house plants and some are deliciously aromatic.

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  1. Since I got exactly three tiny tomatoes this year, I'm giving up on growing anything outside. Wish I had your talent.