Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Return to Sweet Home, Texas!

Gabriel by Jayna Morrow
Another quality new release from Prism Book Group…
High school administrator, Sparrow Walker, has just moved to Sweet Home into a rental house closer to the school. The Hearth family eagerly welcomes her to town. But the eldest son - workaholic and heart shy Gabriel Hearth - isn't too pleased about having his son's pushy principal living next door.
Sparrow's concerned determination could prove to be Gabriel's saving grace. If only she can convince him to go along with her plan. Proud and private Gabriel isn't exactly willing, so she decides to turn the tables - using her behavior management tactics on him! With her program in place, this time for the parent instead of the student, it's up to Gabriel to make the next move and risk falling in love again. If he can't, he just might lose the one woman strong enough to love a man like him.
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