Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Giveaway & Get Hooked on Adventure

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Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop, and the unveiling of my Embrace Adventure luggage tags. Here’s a little teaser from my contemporary international adventure thriller, Shrouded In Secrets. Also, comment with your email address through Thursday, February 20, 2014 and a randomly selected participant will receive a set of luggage tags.


Light filled the grotto, temporarily blinding Pete. A thin woman stood, staring at him with haunting green eyes and a confident smirk. Ebony hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, she wore a black thigh-length diving suit that clung to her ample breasts and accentuated the gentle curve of her hips and trim waist. In her hand, she clutched a glistening dagger. But, what kept Pete transfixed were her eyes. The unique and beautiful shade of green didn’t exist in nature. Their almond-shape held ice and evil, and the soulless chill in her stare made him shudder. 


When the massacre of an unarmed South American village, destruction of one of the greatest manmade wonders of the world, and multiple museum thefts occur, an international team is assembled to locate a deadly group of terrorists. The team led by the ruggedly handsome, but emotionally scarred CIA agent, Cash Luker, scours the globe in an attempt to keep ahead of those striving to bring thirteen mythical relics together. As Cash’s team closes in on those responsible for the devastation he must conquer past demons in order to save the woman who has captured his heart and prevent destruction of legendary proportions. 

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