Saturday, July 27, 2013

Action Movies and Car Technology

My favorite movies involve exotic adventures, such as in Sahara or Australia, which is why I write what I write.  I also enjoy a good action flick. In fact, I have all the Bourne and Mission Impossible movies on DVD, which I re-watch at least once a year. But, with our ever evolving automobile technology what will those classic car-chase scenes become? In a recent car commercial it showed where the car sensed an object behind it and automatically applied the brakes. How would Jason Bourne hotwire a car on the rooftop parking lot, throw it into reverse, speed toward the lip of the building, and catapult the car over the ledge? In the future will smoke just roll from the tires as he floors the gas pedal and the car holds the brakes down against his will? And, what about stability control? The instant a car senses a slip, it shuts itself down. This one has actually plagued me numerous times while trying to get up the last switchback on a steep snow-covered lane leading home. I could see dry ground just feet away, but my SUV decided to apply the brakes, and back down the mountain I went. Will those adrenaline-pumping chase scenes of the modern movie be forced to progress along a straight line? I have to assume a “cookie” in a front wheel-drive vehicle with stability control, or a one-eighty direction change are stunts of the past.  Will the parking assist function allow our hero to ram into the bad guy to escape being pinned in? I’m sure my fellow creative writers will find ways to overcome these obstacles and keep the tension high and the action pulsing, but when I close my eyes and picture car chases in the latest techno-cars I can’t help but laugh and ponder the future of high-speed drama.

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  1. Maybe the film studios will buy up all the old-fashioned cars so they can still do the stunts--but will the audience suspend their disbelief?