Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Embrace Christmas Adventures

In keeping with the theme of this blog here’s an ode to Christmas Adventures. We’ll start with decorating, which often involves forays into those dark places most try to avoid—under the stairwell or house or in the attic, where dust, cobwebs and spiders make the jaunt feel like a Halloween dare rather than a Christmas ritual. Next, there’s shopping. Surviving the mobs, high-pressure sales tactics and parking lot demolition-derby is like preparing for battle—outline your objectives, don’t get distracted from the mission and if shopping as a team using the divide and conquer method, be sure to have a communication plan and an exit strategy.  After shopping you may look forward to a day at home with your holiday baking, but don’t get lulled into complacency. There are choppers, blenders, mixers, knives, scalding bubbling sugary mixtures, hot ovens and the ever present temptation to overindulge. So get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated and keep the fire extinguisher handy. Finally the big day is near. Are you hosting or traveling? Both come with their own set of adventures. If you’re driving more than 30 miles, it will snow, unless you’re in Florida, so allow plenty of time and make sure to throw in your emergency survival gear. If you’re hosting, think of all possible scenarios, develop contingency plans, and stock plenty of food—a well-fed horde is a happy horde.
So far I’ve only outlined a fairly typical and smooth-flowing holiday season, and as many of us have experienced, Murphy exerts his laws in force during the holidays. Some of Murphy’s adventures, such as flights grounded by the storm of the century, devastate the occasion, but many if viewed from the proper perspective can create lasting memories. Trudging up hill in knee-deep snow in search of the perfect tree, only to later discover it’s too big to fit in the house; driving through a farmer’s field because grandma’s lane is drifted shut; burying a snowmobile on the pass in an attempt to make it in time for Christmas morning gifts; or hanging on for dear life while being pulled on a sled behind a galloping horse are just some of the adventures of Christmases past.
All of us have those unique stories forged in our memories and many of those tales developed from a good plan gone awry. So, keep your mind and heart open to all the possibilities surrounding the season and maybe those harrowing escapades can turn into unexpected treasures. As the countdown to Christmas continues, flexibility is key. Accept that the Christmas festivities will most likely not unfold as planned, keep your expectations realistic and always Embrace Adventure.

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