Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shelia Bolt Rudesill on Places of Impact – Saxapahaw, North Carolina

It was an ah-ha moment. A phenomenal experience. If you think this is Oprah blogging you’re wrong. Just one of Oprah’s minions. One of Eckhart Tolle and Mike Dooley’s cronies. Have no fear; I’m not here to preach. I just want to share a delightful encounter with a group of wonderful people.  

Recently my husband and I attended the Roxy Farms Antiques open house in the tiny country town of Saxapahaw, NC. Roxy, the owner and namesake of Roxy’s is an old, gentle pit-bull—who was dressed in a blue kerchief for the festive event. She and co-owner, Sue, made their way through the crowd to greet each guest. I suspect Roxy was checking us out as most watch dogs do while Sue offered us Blackberry Bramble wine from Benjamin Vineyards and Winery—an establishment “right around the corner.” We were also treated to an assortment of delicious and decadent snacks including Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce—the hottest and tastiest salsa ever! I proved it to myself by making “Cat’s Bloody Mary” when I returned home. Yum, yum, yummy! Good thing I had some yogurt. 

The highlight was a duo from a local band, Jo Gore and the Alternative. I watched this mismatched pair set up, wondering what was going to come out of Jo’s mouth and Bo’s guitar. I never imagined Jazz, scat singing, or bluesy-rock. They’re on the local circuit here in Durham, Chapel Hill, and even Pitsboro. Sue and Cat met them at The Eddy, Saxapahaw’s local pub. Sue took our phone number after volunteering to find a place nearby where my husband could shoot black powder with his antique replica guns. She and Cat and two guests took my husband’s business cards in hopes of purchasing jewelry similar to the Bud Rudesill Collection I was wearing. 

The ah-ha moment: Jo Gore said something similar to, “We have such a passion for music that we quit trying for the big-time and decided to make music our way.” I have to say that her statement hit me in the heart. As a writer who longs to be the next J. K. Rowling or even Nicholas Sparks I have to say that I’ve come to the same conclusion. I write because I have to. It’s my passion. 

The phenomenal experience? Observing networking in action. People promoting people. What’s so phenomenal about that? Sharing. Helping others succeed. Not being afraid that others will become more successful or more powerful. The people I met at Roxy’s were at peace, bonded, working together, promoting each other, and being proud of their tiny, country community.  If only the rest of the world could experience the spirit of Saxapahaw. 

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  1. Maybe next time you should bring a jug and join in on the merriment. Now, you have more local color for your next story, sure to be set in Chatham County.

  2. Shelia, I enjoyed your blog. I have 2 sisters that live in NC and go there every year. I love NC and could live there too. Judy

    1. Thanks, Judy! Maybe you could visit me too next time you're here. I could meet you someplace....