Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Blog Series - Places of Impact

When I think about places which have made a lasting impression on me the list is long. I admit I may be a bit spoiled having lived a good portion of my life in Wyoming, including at the foot of the Tetons, so I seldom focus on pretty scenery, but rather I’m drawn to uniqueness – places that are outside my catalog of reference.  And, no place I’ve visited has been more interesting and exotic than Thailand. From the chaotic atmosphere of Bangkok, colorful floating markets, opulent palaces, historic temples and amazing jungles, I was delighted and intrigued at every turn. 

Beginning tomorrow and continuing for the next week guest authors will be blogging about those places which have made special impacts on their lives and writing. Locations touch each individual in a different way since we all inadvertently hone in on varying attributes whether aesthetic, intellectual or an indistinguishable combination of factors. A site may make a lasting impression due to its natural beauty, its culture, cuisine, history, architecture or the way its residents make you feel. So join us on an adventure across the United States and around the world as we explore Places of Impact.

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