Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Great #Colorado Cultural Event

For the second year in a row I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase in Denver, Colorado. There were, by my estimate, over 350 exhibitors featuring an amazing variety of high-quality crafts and artwork. The paintings, leather work, pottery, stained-glass, and metal works, to name a few, were beautiful and unique, but what caught my attention this years was a beaded nativity set. I sadly didn’t add it to my nativity collection of over six sets from around the world. I have no doubt the number of hours invested in this magnificent work of art made it worth every penny of the asking price, but unfortunately it was a little out of my comfort zone.

As much as we enjoy the art, though, the real reason I plan to return again next year is the stage entertainment. There were singers and dancers from a number of different tribes, including several Native American Music Award winners. Just the opportunity to see Brulé is worth the price of admission, but the other groups only made it a more educational and entertaining experience to enjoy. 

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