Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nuggets From Life in Fiction – Shyness Sells

As they left Macanxoc and returned to the main path, a group of three young girls stepped out of the trees, blocking Kay’s path and cutting her off from Santiago. Two were dressed in delightful embroidered dresses and the third in filthy rags. The two well-dressed girls thrust out their hands and boldly rushed Kay calling for pesos. The third girl held back looking down at the ground, seemingly too shy to approach.

On our first trip to Cobá we did encounter a group of three young girls dressed as described. They seemed to appear out of nowhere, and no parents were in sight, though I hoped and assumed they were watching nearby.  We could tell the shy girl had something to sell, so offered to take a look. Touched by her insecurity, we ended up buying a small colorful hand-embroidered doily that we’ve kept with us for decades, and the memories of the children worked their way into Deadly Ruins

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