Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why I Write

As I’m toiling over complex and obscure punctuation rules, which I often still get confused, I occasionally ask myself, why do I write? The long hours sequestered in my office, hunched over my keyboard until my eyes blur and my muscles ache, writing about outlandish and dangerous exploits when I could be outside having real adventures doesn’t always seem to make sense. Then I think about the many stories I’ve read which have plunged me into remarkable situations and taken me on far-flung journeys around the world. Sometimes I can’t start another book for days, not wanting the sensation of discovery or the adrenaline rush gained from surviving against the odds to ebb. I want to share those feelings of exploration and conquest with others. I want to entertain, provide an enjoyable and interesting way to pass a little free time, and help readers escape to someplace new and unique. If when finished with one of my books the reader feels as if they’ve just returned home from a perilous adventure, then I’ve achieved my goal.

I truly hope you enjoy my adventures and romantic (PG) suspense.

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