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Behind The Scenes With A Dyslexic Angel

Gay with Mindy
I am very pleased to introduce Gay N. Lewis, author of the Sarah series, a must have series for anyone who loves books filled with romance, laughter, and that just leave you with a smile on your face when finished. So, without further ado, here’s Gay and Sarah, and make sure to keep reading to find out about the newest release, upcoming novellas, and comment for a chance at free Amazon download of Sarah’s first adventure.

Thank you Kim for inviting me to your site.  From time to time, people ask me how the Sarah series came about. I didn’t plan a sequence, but the idea of Sarah has been with me for decades and finally came to life in 2012.  After the first book, I decided Sarah should help others, so I wrote a sequence.  Four books now tell of Sarah’s adventures, and two more are on the way. 

How did you get the idea for Sarah? 

Several years ago, I read This Present Darkness by Frank E. Peretti and loved it.  The story features the constant combat between holy and unholy supernatural powers.  Later, I found Debbie Macomber’s Christmas Angels, Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy. These three quirky angels attend humans with romance, and on other occasions, the trio answer prayers about totally different needs. These three charming angels often make trouble, but somehow they accomplish their objectives.  I also enjoy the humor in Janet Evanovich’s books.

Sarah, my little dyslexic angel was born from ideas generated by two authors.  I don’t write about the ungodly side in the supernatural world, not yet anyway, but Sarah engages in blunders that I hope make people laugh as well as think.  G. Hankins, a reader, wrote this to me.  “I can’t remember many (any actually) where God’s word is taught in happy and entertaining circumstances.”

If you’ve read any of the Sarah books, you’ll know she isn’t technologically inclined.  Writing about blunders with devices comes easily for me.  You see, gadgets turn my stomach into knots and like Sarah, I’m always lost. Sarah experiences self-doubts—another one of my traits.

Sarah loves cheeseburgers and red stilettos.  These two temptations often cause her downfalls.  Literally. Sarah often lands on her bottom when she attempts to walk in those shoes. And food?  Most women crave a metabolism such as the one Sarah has, but creating a human disguise to get to the burgers?  Well, that’s another story.

I tell about Sarah’s first adventure In Sarah: A Mission of Love. As a fresh graduate of Angel school, Sarah is assigned the task of finding a mate for Tom Shoemaker. After accidentally introducing Tom to Marcy, Sarah then wonders if Marcy is the right choice. Hope, Marcy’s four year old daughter, longs for a dad and a puppy. Sarah causes one disaster after another as she goes about her mission to bring the couple together and assist the sweet child in the process. 

Sarah: Laney’s Angel is the second in the series. Architect Laney Taylor battles her attraction to the handsome homebuilder, Cannon Carlson. Laney has a stalker who plans to kill her.  Tomas, the Warrior Angel, assists Sarah with this mission.  This book features suspense, and was more difficult to write.  I had to plot a bit more than I usually do with this one.  It may be my favorite, but then again, maybe not.

Sarah and the Widow’s Mate follow as book three. Beth Marsh is not only beautiful, but wealthy enough to buy a third-world country. When she enters the dating arena to find companionship, two men profess an interest in her…but is it Beth they want, or are they out to get her money? When Beth invites human-disguised Sarah to attend a wedding, the delighted angel looks forward to an opportunity to wear a beautiful formal gown, and maybe—at long last—red stilettos! I had fun with this book—even bought a catalog with bridal gowns as I planned the wedding.

Book four is a novella and available now.  Sarah and the Internet Dating Service. The idea of introducing a couple through the Internet came as I realized one out of four couples meet that way these days.  Two of my daughters met spouses online, and so did a nephew.  All are happily married.  Can you imagine the mess Sarah made with the computer dates for Karen Newton?  Oh merciful heavens!

The fifth book, a second novella, due July 30, 2014 is Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel.  Sarah is assigned to ride this rotation gadget in this book as she brings romance to a fun loving couple.  This wheel terrifies her—it’s over the water, and oceans make Sarah seasick. She fears she’ll throw up on the humans.

Book six, Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, is the third novella in the Summer Fun grouping.  This one kept me laughing as I wrote it.  In an effort to make sure Matt Austin and Galena Maddox link romantically, Sarah brings about a few unorthodox events—at least for an angel.  This book finalizes Sarah’s summer trip to Houston, and the three novellas will be bundled together in a print book due in September of 2014.

In this one, Matt, Galena, and Mandy attend Karen and Jeremy’s wedding (the couple from book one). Sarah introduced Karen, the bride and Jeremy, the groom in the novella, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service. The wedding party includes Robert and Brittany—they’re the couple Sarah brought together in Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel. Sarah’s commanding officer gave Sarah the order not to fall down during the ceremony.  For Sarah, that’s a major task. 

How do you prepare for adventure in your books? 

I don’t.  I’m similar to Sarah, my dyslexic little angel character.  Amazing, unintended stuff just happens to me, and many of my episodes find their way to scenes in my Sarah Series.

In Sarah: Laney’s Angel, an invisible Sarah convinced Cannon to invite Laney to a nice restaurant.  When Cannon asked Laney a few embarrassing questions, Sarah decided to help the lady avoid answers to him, but how? Surely turning on the overhead fire sprinklers would create a diversion. Oops! She caused every diner in the place to receive a deluge of water.  Utter chaos developed.  So much for that romantic interlude.

In planning this scene, I asked my hubby to take me to a steak restaurant so I could make sure those sprinklers existed overhead the way I wanted to describe them in the book.  Am I a con artist or what? I escaped cooking and enjoyed a lovely night out. I arranged that evening, but how about the time I accidently drove down a railroad track in the dead of night?  That was an adventure to remember.  Sarah is destined to have that unforgettable experience soon.

If you’ve read any of Sarah’s books, which one is your favorite? If you haven't, which sounds most intriguing? If you’d like a chance to receive Sarah’s first adventure, Sarah: A Mission of Love, leave a contact email and one visitor will be randomly selected for an Amazon Kindle download. Comment through midnight August 1, 2014.

Thank you, Gay, for sharing a little insight into Sarah and her escapades. For more on Gay and her work, visit her website at, her blog at, Facebook at, or follow her on Twitter  @GayNLewis2


  1. Gay is a wonderful author. Her books are a must-read.

  2. More Sarah books on the way? Yay!

  3. I love little Sarah and happy to hear she's in for more adventures!

  4. Gay, your Sarah series sounds wonderful. I've added you to my TBR list. I wish you all the luck in your writing.

  5. Thanks Carlene, Victoria, and Judy. Happy you stopped by. Thanks Kim for hosting me!