Friday, May 16, 2014

Bullet in the Night

I’m pleased to introduce author Judith Rolfs and her newest Christian Mystery/Suspense novel, Bullet In The Night. Keep reading for a sneak peek and to learn more about Judith.
Bullet in the Night - An intricate tale of love and renewal...
 Psychologist Lenora Lawrence lingers in a coma after being shot by a sniper as a web of intrigue unravels around her. Her redemptive work with society's ex-convicts and her personal counseling with vulnerable women has created many enemies in the resort town of Lake Geneva, WI. Lenora's colleague and good friend, Jennifer Trevor, intends to see that Lenora's sniper is brought to justice, even if it means making deadly enemies herself.
Judith Rolfs minored in English and creative writing at college but her major focus became psychology and ultimately marriage and family counseling. Her first article was published in Fresh Ink magazine while a student at Marquette University.
At her first writer’s conference her novel proposal won the Best New Novel Award. Mystery writing is her first love, although she has ten non-fiction books published on various family issues.
To learn more about Judith visit her website at or her blog at She can also be found on Facebook and twitter @judithrolfs.


  1. I just finished reading "Bullet in the Night" and loved it. I blame you for my addiction to adventure and suspense, Kim McMahill. I used to think I didn't like the genre, but your books got me hooked!

  2. I'm with Carlene. I've dithered around suspense, but I fell in love with Kim's books. Bullet in the Night sounds good to me.

  3. I've just finished reading Bullet in the Night, and gave it a 5-star review on Amazon, and posted it on my Facebook page. Judith Rolfs is now on my list for all her future novels. This book has great take-away value.