Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stone of Destiny Review

Stone of Destiny by Mary L. Ball, is a heartwarming story of a young woman’s struggle to sort out what is most important in life in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. This is an all too common theme in today’s society, which makes this story especially relatable.  

The main character, Taylor, has focused solely on her job. She thought a successful career would be all she needed to live a complete and happy life, until an unexpected event introduces a man who seems perfect, except she fears he might get in the way of her career aspirations. As Taylor embarks on an emotional journey, she begins to question many long-held beliefs. She finds guidance from her grandmother and an unexpected source, a missing family heirloom.  

The author did a very good job intertwining the complexities facing Taylor’s future as she tries to balance family, the power of a mysterious stone, and priorities, all while struggling to untangle her feelings for a man, who despite her attempts to keep at a distance, can’t be pushed from her thoughts or kept out of her heart. This is definitely a worthwhile read.
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  1. Thank you Kim for the wonderful review. Coming form a talented author as yourself. I appreciate the thumbs up.

  2. I really enjoyed Mary's STONE OF DESTINY. I like her style of writing which weaves her faith throughout the story, and uses everyday true experiences that make her characters believable. A good read and gift for Christmas!