Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shrouded In Secrets - Sneak Peak Sunday

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for September 8. Here’s another quick peek at my new release, Shrouded in Secrets. For trivia, reviews, and general information on all my adventure novels, follow me on twitter at I Hope you enjoy the adventure.

Light filled the grotto, temporarily blinding Pete. A thin woman stood, staring at him with haunting green eyes and a confident smirk. Ebony hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, she wore a black thigh-length diving suit that clung to her ample breasts and accentuated the gentle curve of her hips and trim waist. In her hand, she clutched a glistening dagger. But, what kept Pete transfixed were her eyes. The unique and beautiful shade of green didn’t exist in nature. Their almond-shape held ice and evil, and the soulless chill in her stare made him shudder.  

Pete detected another figure filling the tunnel behind the woman. The person remained hidden from his view as he continued to contemplate his odds of surviving. He observed her graceful and confident movements with morbid fascination as he visualized his pending death at her slender fingers, making his pulse race. Despite squeaking through all of his CIA training, nothing had prepared him for an encounter with a creature so enchanting and deadly. 

The woman said nothing as she snatched a cloth sack from the hand of the hidden person without a backward glance. Her eyes never wavered from Pete’s face, nor did her amused expression change. She quickly transferred the object from the gold box into the bag, pulled the drawstring, and took several steps back. She handed the package to her colleague crouched in the shadows, and finally spoke. 

“I’m disappointed. I hoped to have the opportunity to test my new fillet knife on Cash,” she said as she turned the dagger’s hilt in her hand. “Men, should I gut this thin man and feed him to the sharks, as he tried to do with us, or let him live long enough to tell that egotistical traitor how he lost the prize and was beaten by a ghost?” 

Silence filled the room. Pete felt powerless to pull his gaze from the green-eyed devil. A sliver of hope trickled through him, mixed with a lot of confusion. She knew Cash. Though Pete heard nothing, the woman responded as if she had received an answer to her question from the person behind her. 

“Yes. We might as well kill him. I would rather see the expression on my old friend’s face when our paths eventually cross than to have him forewarned. Heinrich, hold this for me. I doubt I need both hands to kill this pest, but he did give us a reasonable chase for a while.”
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