Friday, August 23, 2013

Setting The Scene

The setting is clear in my mind, but how accurate are my memories? I’m pleased to report, not bad. My latest work in progress is set in a remote section of Wyoming where cell coverage is spotty at best, elevations exceed 9,000 feet on the road and some peaks top 11,000 feet, the weather is unpredictable, the scenery is stunning, and the people who live there are a special breed of tough.  

During my last visit to the area I set out to refresh my memory along the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. The green grasses and vegetation against the red dirt is a dramatic contrast, and the elk, deer, and moose are abundant and on the move, trying to build up their stores of body fat before the harsh winter approaches. The view from the highest bridge in Wyoming is spectacular even on a drab day and the immensity of the landscape is humbling.  Combining the rugged environment, rapidly changing weather, lack of full-time residents, and the physical barriers to communication, I know I’ve found the setting for my next novel.  

I do this a lot and have discovered over the years that I can double my enjoyment of a place by absorbing its essence and allowing my mind to scout the possibilities for a far-flung adventure. Now, with the images freshly etched in my mind, it’s back to the keyboard and a story full of danger, action, and suspense. 

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