Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and their parenting styles run the gamut. My dad was strict, but always fair and never dull. I was okay with his rules because at least I knew what to expect. With the trials and tribulations, confusion, and drama of adolescence I found comfort in having consistency in this major aspect of my life, no guess work involved when it came to my parents. I knew I could count on them and I knew how far I could push them, so I wasted no time in this pointless youthful exploration. Certain restrictions were also a vital part of growing up in the country. Many of the rules were instituted to keep us safe from poisonous snakes, horses, power tools, irrigation canals, etc., but having limits never stifled our fun or creativity.  We were free to explore on motorbike and horseback within realistic parameters and the most outrageous adventures we undertook together. Without his unique idea of recreation and family vacations I wouldn’t have been able to write Big Horn Storm. Though the book is pure fiction, many of the scenes would have been difficult to create without a few real-life experiences to draw upon. I’ll be forever grateful to my Dad for being a parent, first and foremost, and encouraging outdoor adventures which have created enough story ideas to last a lifetime.

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