Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adventure Flicks from Novels

Last weekend I watched Sahara on DVD for probably the tenth time. No matter how many times I see that movie I laugh, enjoy the exotic adventure and ask everyone in the room, “Why don’t they make more of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels into movies?”  I’ve read most of the Dirk Pitt series and each one has the potential to become a great action adventure flick.

I’m sure there are many valid reasons why the movie industry puts out so many remakes, animated features and movies based on video games and comic books, but surely there is still a market for great adventures featuring rough, rugged, yet sometimes amusing and flawed heroes like Indian Jones and Dirk Pitt and realistic, independent, strong and resourceful heroines.  

There’s plenty of fodder for such scripts in the myriad of novels available. In fact, how about a contemporary western adventure set in rugged mountain country combining a too-close-to-home military crisis spawned by a coalition of foreign enemies past, present and future, a tragic accident, a terrifying bear encounter, harrowing heart-stopping horseback escapes and an attempt to reconcile the past in an action-packed thriller? Well, I’m not holding my breath waiting for Hollywood to call, but you can find out if the rugged rancher and the sheepherder’s granddaughter can survive the wrath of determined invaders and rekindle lost love in Big Horn Storm.

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