Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week in Review

I’ve been thinking about doing a “week in review” blog every Sunday, and what a time to start. Last week will always be remembered as the week Hurricane Sandy hit leaving a massive path of devastation across sixteen states. The amount of destruction and suffering is beyond comprehension and all those affected continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Halloween came and went with less fanfare than usual. Despite the natural disaster hitting the East Coast, it seems like the campaign advertisements and phone calls never waned.  I must admit I won’t miss those next week.   

On the writing front, the free Kindle down load promotion for Marked in Mexico on October 26 and 27 was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who have followed up with reviews and interest in my other books.  Big Horn Storm was featured on The Logline Blog. It will be on the main page until November 15. The Logline Blog hosts a monthly contest for those who comment on loglines and is also celebrating is one-year anniversary this month with more giveaways. 

And last but not least, I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back an hour last night or this morning.  Enjoy the extra hour of your weekend.

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  1. You're like me with great timing, lol.
    Congrats on your Marked In Mexico campaign being a success! Here's to lots and lots of sales.