Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review for Big Horn Storm

Authors have goals. For non-fiction it may be to enlighten or educate. For me, I strive to entertain and take readers on a new and exciting adventure.  I was very pleased with the following review of Big Horn Storm, feeling as if I may be accomplishing what I’ve set out to achieve in my writing. The review below was taken from Carlene Havel's blog.

August 29, 2012

What can make a book special? Lots of things for me. Good research skillfully woven into historical fiction, detailed biography, words that transport me from where I am into the story the book tells. Websites that sell books seem to operate on the premise they know what I like - they're always offering up recommendations for my reading pleasure. Generally, their selections do appeal to me. But now and then I step over the line to read something completely different from my list of "already read" books. Big Horn Storm is one such book. It's an adventure romance set in the Big Horn Mountains. I knew I was hooked when I had to read past midnight one night. Today I have my ereader at the ready so I don't waste a minute of free time not reading. A couple of times I've had to put the book away because I was so tensed up by the reality of the adventure. Had to stop and remind myself - it's fiction! It's imaginary! Calm down! Don't you love it when an author grabs you that way? Good show, Kim McMahill!

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